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Simple Frugal Living – Beginners Guide To Saving Money

If you’re just stepping into the world of saving money and are interest in simple frugal living , but you’re not sure where to begin, then this post will give you a few pointers on where to start.

For those who don’t know what frugal means, I will explain this for you.

A frugal person is someone that is careful with money and food, someone that is prudently saving or sparing, not wasteful and is economical.

Living in frugal way can seem a bit overwhelming, so to help I have put together a small beginner’s guide to getting started.

The small changes I will talk about can be implemented one by one, and make a big difference financially and to the wellbeing of your life over time.

So, lets get started with my tips for living a more frugal life.


How I started

Until the ripe age of 37 I use to be really bad with money, like really bad. I spent it faster than I could make it, and every month I was skint by the second week after being paid.

After some major lifestyle and financial changes, I would like to think I’m pretty decent when it comes to money these days.

If I can adapt to a better way of living, then anyone can.

I started off by setting myself a money goal to achieve and build on. Then I put a plan together and started to put into practice the mentioned things below.

Let’s get started with my tips to save money and live a more frugal lifestyle.


Beginner’s Guide to Being Frugal

Even if you can just save a small amount, save what you can, all the time.

Master one of the below tips then move onto the next. Before you know it, you will be doing them all, and then looking at more ways to save money.

Follow these and over time I have no doubt you will be successful in living a frugal lifestyle in the long run.



Evaluate your monthly expenses.

The chances are that your monthly expenses are costing you too much. This could be the reason you’re looking to save money in the first place.


This is where you will need to ask yourself some tough questions, like…

Am I overspending in general?

Could I cut costs with my groceries?

Do I really need to spend money on coffee every morning on the way to work? Or on food at lunch?


Tackle your biggest bills first, like your electric bill or your phone bill.



I only shop when I need to. If you’re one of those people who shops for the sake of it and spends money like it’s going out of fashion, then cut down or stop.

While doing this you always purchase things you don’t need. In order to save money, you have to stop shopping for fun.

I only go to shops these days for essential items, and it has helped me save a lot of money.

Every pound I spend is vouched and tracked for.

I don’t go near a shop unless if it’s for something I definitely need.


Grocery budget

Spending money on groceries is a difficult one, every family needs to eat.

I find that sticking to budget every week, really helps with saving money. There’s no needless buying or putting things in the basket for the sake of it.

Put aside a certain amount every week for groceries and stick to that amount.

Seems simple, which it is, but it’s really effective at cutting costs.


Enjoy your home

This may not seem obviously connected to saving money, but I believe it is.

When you’re in love with your surroundings, you’re so much less likely to go out and spend money for an escape.


Consider the small things you could change that would help you love your home more. Here are some examples:

  • Add a few candles in your living room, I find this makes the room cosier.
  • Start making your bed everyday, so you don’t feel bad every time you look in your room.
  • Turn your desk (if you have one) so it faces a window instead of a blank wall.
  • Redecorate rooms to your favourite colour, to give you a lift when you walk in.

If you put your mind to it, there are so many little things you can do to make your home feel more homely.

Walk through your home and make a list of simple things you could change to make it more enjoyable.

This is an investment, and if it keeps you in and cosy instead of looking to be outside spending money, it soon pays off.


Create an outdoor space that you love too. Whether it’s a corner of your garden of a little patio area. Make this space yours, somewhere that feels comfortable to escape the drama of life.


Fix it, instead of throwing away

People in general, seem too quick to throw things away, I use to be the same.

Instead of being one of those people, try to fix or refurbish what you can.

YouTube is a great place for videos that show you how to fix and refurbish just about anything.

One person’s rubbish is another’s treasure. Just because something is old, broken or worn out, that doesn’t mean it’s at the end of its life.

Give it some TLC, work some magic and give it some more life if possible.

You never know, you might find yourself a new hobby you enjoy!


Used goods

Before purchasing something new, always browse for used items beforehand.

There is some great stuff out there, and there are more sources than ever online. You can find quality used stuff of just about anything on the internet

Ebay and Facebook Marketplace are just a couple of those available, that are great resources.

You can also buy used items on Amazon. When you’re looking at an item, check below the main price for it to say “new & used from”. Click that link and it will send you to the listing of the used versions of that item.

There are many ways to buy good used goods, when you think beyond only buying brand new.


Vouchers and deals

Honey is a great website for finding vouchers from thousands of retailers online.

I have saved money when making purchases on clothes through Honey on several occasions.

Also, Latest Deals is great website for bargains and deals.

While saving money you also earn points though the above sites, which can them be redeemed into a giftcard of your choice.

These sites are no brainer!

Want to find out more about these two sites? here is my posts for Honey and Latest Deals.


Car sharing

Driving to your usual places each day costs you money. Mostly in the petrol that it takes, but also in wear and tear on your car.

Depending on your commute, you may also be paying money in tolls.

Find a co-worker who lives nearby and start see if they’d be interested in car sharing.

Even if they don’t care about saving money, they may still be interested just because they would love not to have to drive to work every day.

Think about it. Wouldn’t you rather be on your phone than driving? For most of us, that’s an easy yes.

This works for kid’s activities too. Start switching off with another parent and gain back some time and some money in driving costs.


Cashback sites

Cashback sites are way of earning money while you spend money on shopping.

Some good sites are Topcashback, Quidco and Boom25.

The cashback site will earn a percentage for referring you to the retailer through their website, and you take a cut of the profits.


It’s an easy way to earn some extra money while making a purchase you were planning to make anyway.

Here’s my posts with all the details of exactly how Quidco, Topcashback and BOOM25 work.


Big purchases

Have something big in mind you believe you absolutely need?

Give it time.

Instead of rushing out and spending big right away, give yourself time to think about it.

Let’s say 30 days…

In those 30 days you might find you don’t actually need that item at all, or maybe you will find something else that is a cheaper option.

Either way you are giving yourself that bit of additional time to save and think about the purchase.

If you then decide that you definitely want it, you can make the purchase confidently, knowing you absolute need it.


Simple Frugal Living – Final thought

Now it’s time to start saving.

You don’t need to dive right into extreme measures of frugal living. Instead, start with these starter tips and things will naturally gain momentum for you.

Start by evaluating your expenses and find places where you can cut back. Shop less and stick to a grocery budget when you shop for food.

Consider car sharing to save money and time. Shop smart by using some vouchers and getting cash back. Enjoy your home so you want to be there more, to avoid going out all the time.

Fix or refurbish broken items before buying something new. And when that doesn’t work, try buying used. Make it a rule to wait 30 days before purchasing big purchase items.

It’s really not that hard to do, you just need to get the ball rolling.

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Is The Honey Extension Legit? – Save Money Online While Shopping!

People visiting physical shops is becoming a thing of yesterday, with more and more shoppers purchasing their goods online, but how do you know you’re getting the best deal available?

Even when shopping at a specific shop online, it will often have coupon codes all year round, but finding that particular one that saves you the most can be a time-consuming task.

That’s where the Honey extension app comes in handy.

In this comprehensive review, you will learn the following

  • What is the Honey extension app?
  • How do the Honey extension and Honey app work?
  • What are the main features of Honey browser extension?
  • Is Honey app legit?
  • Is Honey extension safe?
  • Does Honey extension work with Amazon?
  • Does Honey extension work on mobile?
  • The Pros and Cons



What is the Honey Extension App?

Honey is an extension for your browser or an app (only available for the US users at the moment), that searches online for the best deals for you.

What vouchers are available to you though Honey, will slightly differ, depending on where you live. But ultimately Honey will save you money while shopping. Honey does this by searching online for the best vouchers available for the site you are shopping on.

The honey extension app was developed in the US, and the extension and app are available for US users. UK users can only use the extension, as the app is not available as of yet.

If you are not familiar with web browser extensions, it’s small piece of software that adds on to your web browser for your laptop or desktop. This allows Honey to be active and searching vouchers while you shop (example of where the extension will be below):


The honey extension app is compatible with over 40,000 shopping sites, and searches automatically.

Honey’s mission is that “We give everyone the tools it takes to find the best savings, perks, and all around value – making online shopping fair for everyone. Free and easy to use“.

Honey currently has over 17 million members, and have saved the members over $1 billion. They have also given members over $8 million in rewards (gift cards).

Honey currently supports shopping sites in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom with more to come.


How Does Honey Extension Work?

Living in the UK, I have only been able to use the browser extension and features available here, but I will mention all the functionality.

First things first you need to download the extension.

Then Sign-up to Honey – this is made easy as you can use your google or facebook account, or enter your details (you can sign up below:).


The extension is then added to your web browser and works with – Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge or Opera.

My experience is with Google Chrome and it works really well on this platform. You will notice a little icon appear on the web browser window.

If the H is grey it means Honey is not linked to that site, so no savings this time.

If it turns orange that means you are connected and you can click on the icon to show you vouchers, add to your drop list, price history and gold rewards. Or you can wait and the deals automatically pop up when you start to check out.

It is that easy.

Here’s a quick look at how the Honey browser extension works:


Honey is great for deals on BOOHOOMAN. I regularly use this website to shop, and have saved £40 since the beginning of September alone!



How does Honey App work?

So being in the UK, I need to refer to Honey to explain the difference between the browser extension and the app – as I can’t try the app.

They are designed to be different.

The browser basically works on the website you are shopping on and helps you get the best deal.


The app however, brings together millions of products from 1,000’s of sites, with their vouchers, allowing you to put them in one basket and actually buy through Honey in one purchase.

However, having a look through the reviews on Apple Apps store, it’s only rate 3.9 out of 5.

Most of the negative reviews come from the fact that the app works differently as the extension and it seems to be clunky.

So, there’s definitely room for improvement.


If you don’t see the Honey window popping up, check you pop-up or ad blockers in your browser settings.



What are the main features of the Honey extension?

Here are some main features that Honey browser extension to save you money.

1. Savings Finder – This applies discount vouchers as you checkout using the browser, or as you shop using the app.

2. Honey Gold – This is like cash back, so you earn while you spend. This goes into your account quarterly and can be used to purchase gift cards from several well-known stores. Such as Amazon, Spotify, Gap, Footlocker, ASOS, Tesco.


You need 1000 gold points for a $10 gift card, or 1400 for £10 in the UK, due to the exchange rates.

3. Price History – exactly as it sounds and shows you the recent history for the item you are buying. This is a great tool to use for Christmas shopping to save money.

4. Droplist (US members only) – allows you to add the items you are interested in buying at the price you want, https://itsnotyour9to5.com/mone-saving-ideas-for-christmasand then notifies you if the price drops. It works on both the extension and app. Honey says they are working on rolling this out to other countries.

5. Amazon Best Price – Honey doesn’t get you discounts on Amazon, but will show you the best price from several sellers. This feature already exists in Amazon so for me it is not that important.


Earning gold can be a little slow, it’s a percentage of the purchase. However, if you invite 2 friends to Honey and they use it. You will also receive a $10/£10 gift card.



Is Honey Extension safe?

Honey extension is Free and secure. This is important to Honey and a big part of their business. They currently have +17M users, lots of high rated reviews.

The UK Trustpilot has Honey at 4.6, which is an excellent score.

Having read some of the negative reviews, I believe that the users who didn’t get discounts either had the location or pop-up setting wrong. I have never had any issues with the extension, and have almost come to expect a discount when shopping.


Is Honey App Legit?

Yes, Honey is completely legit!

They earn money from commission from the stores you purchase from and are keen to point out they don’t share your data.

In addition, just to give you even more confidence;

The tech company responsible for developing and running Honey is owned by Paypal (bought in 2019, their largest ever acquisition for $4B)

Being based in LA they sponsor the LA Clippers basketball team (they train at the Honey Training Centre), so they have a very public presence, which is also supported with the typical high level of US customer service.


Does Honey work on Amazon?

It certainly links and the H turns orange and shows the cheapest option, price data and gold amount you will receive. BUT it won’t get you discounts.

As I mentioned earlier, Amazon already has a feature to identify the cheapest price, therefore, I don’t see too much benefit using Honey browser on Amazon.


Does Honey Extension work on mobile?

The browser extension does not work on phones or tablets; therefore, you have to use a real computer. However, for those in the US, there is the app option, both Apple and Android.


Make sure you select the right country for your location, if not Honey will not find the offers for you, as you will be on a UK site, while the extension is searching for US codes!



Honey Extension App Pros and Cons:


  • It’s FREE while saving you real money.
  • Takes the hard work out of finding vouchers / coupon codes
  • Works with over 40,000 stores
  • Provides cashback through reward cards
  • Work automatically in the background
  • One checkout for multiple purchases on the Honey App
  • Price monitoring and price history tracking so you know the best time to buy


  • Does not track how much you have saved over time
  • Limited in the region: Honey App is only available in the US. Honey Extension is only available in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.
  • The extension only gets you the best deal for the site you are on.
  • The extension only works on desktop/laptop; therefore, you can’t use it on the go.
  • Honey app doesn’t work as well as the browser extension.


Is the Honey extension app legit? Final thought

Honey is absolutely worth giving a try.

Honey claims to offer an average discount of 17.9% and an average yearly savings of $126/£95.

The discounts for me have been regular, and consistent, like welcome discounts, free shipping, or general discounts.

If you are in one of the countries that Honey extension app covers, my question is, why WOULDN’T you use this clever FREE extension to save you some money?

To put your mind at rest, Honey extension app is legit and safe, so you can enjoy saving money online hassle free.


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LatestDeals.co.uk – REVIEW – Deals, Freebies, Vouchers & More!

Can you imagine a website/app where you could access current online deals, freebies, vouchers, competitions and more from retailers?

LatestDeals.co.uk is exactly that, and it’s completely free!

Rather than shifting through tonnes of online companies yourself, you can access it all here. Once you click on a deal that grabs your attention, you will be redirected to the retailer’s website.

This site has a massive community of over 1 million like-minded bargain hunters who share their findings on Latest Deals.

With constant new information being added by its members, this is the place to be to find deals upon deals on one website.

This site is one for the shopaholics out there, and also the people who enjoy saving money on their purchases. There are so many other handy features available, such as tool generators, which I will explain in more detail further down.

Members earn points for sharing information to Latest Deals, which can be redeemed into Amazon vouchers.

Sounds great right?

If would like to find out more about this excellent website/app then read on.


What is Latest Deals?

Latest Deals is a free-to-join website/app where members can add deals from across the internet for other members to view. This website is a massive community of over 1 million deal hunters.

Below is an example of the main page on the website:


For adding a deal, a member can expect to earn 100 points.

This website isn’t just about sharing the deals though, the points for sharing information process relates to the other topics such as vouchers, freebies and competitions.

The full breakdown of the points members can earn can be found below:

  • Sharing a deal 100 points 3 deals per day
  • Sharing a voucher 50 points 3 vouchers per day
  • Sharing a freebie 10 points 3 freebies per day
  • Sharing a competition 10 points 3 competitions per day

You can also earn points for the following when on the website:

  • Commenting posts
  • Liking posts
  • Reporting posts that have expired
  • Writing reviews & much more!

As you can see there are many ways to earn points.

Once members have gathered enough points, they can be converted into an Amazon giftcard that matches the points members have earned.

Below is an example of the points members would need to earn for the various Amazon giftcards:

  • 5,000 points £5 Amazon Voucher
  • 15,000 points £10 Amazon Voucher
  • 50,000 points £35 Amazon Voucher
  • 100,000 points £50 Amazon Voucher

This website is brilliant for the exclusive deals, vouchers, freebies and competitions, the points you can earn for Amazon giftcards is an added bonus for me.

Latest Deals also has an app available; members will need the app to use the ‘Supermarket Price Comparison’ tool. The app is available to download from Latest Deals.

I will now go into more detail about the different sections of the website, and examples of what is has to offer.



There is a ‘Deals’ as well as ‘Flash’ deals section. All of these are shared by the members of the site, and can be pretty much any item or product. From beds, to clothes, to food, to electronics, it can be literally anything.

Below is an example of the deals available on Latest Deals:

LatestDeals - Deals

It’s the same process with the retailers, it could be a deal from any trusted company. You will regularly see big-names such as Amazon, Argos, Currys as well as the smaller ones.



These are exactly what they are, a Freebie. Members have gathered freebies they have come across while online, and share them with the site. You may have to join a free-trial for example, but members will never have to pay anything for these, that is against Latest Deals’s guidelines and rules.

Below is an example of the freebie’s available on Latest Deals:

LatestDeals - Freebies

The full details of each ‘Freebie’ will be explained when members click on it.




These competitions are again shared by the members. They can literally be to win anything. Just browsing the competitions, I can see prizes to win £500 in cash, a fridge, a box of chocolates and an iPhone 11 Pro.

Below is an example of the competitions available to enter on Latest Deals::

LatestDeals - Competitons

These are legit competitions and full details to enter will be explained when members click on it.

Great for those members like to try their luck at winning something!



The vouchers are what members have come across while being online and shared to the Latest Deals website. Majority of time they will be a deal like 25% off a retailer. But there will also be other options such as free next day delivery when making a purchase.

Below is an example of the vouchers available on Latest Deals:

LatestDeals - Vouchers

All details of these vouchers will be explained when members select it.

Just browsing I can see great savings in this section!



There are tonnes of retailers on Latest Deals. You can use this feature to search for the company members require. It also has every retailer by alphabetic order.

Below is an example of the retailers that are available to search for:

LatestDeals - Retailers

Just by browsing members can see there is the massive names available, and to be honest others I have never heard of.


Domino’s pizza voucher finder tool

With this tool members can put in your post code and Latest Deals will find your local Dominos store. Once they know which store is delivering to members, they will automatically check hundreds of codes.

Below is an example of this tool from Latest Deals:

LatestDeals - Tool 1

You will get 100% working codes that do exactly what they say on the tin.

Not a fan of pizza myself, but great for those who are!


Amazon discount finder tool

With this tool, Latest Deals will make use of hidden filters and options on Amazon to show members products with the biggest savings. You just need to choose your options in the discount filter, hit “search” and they will open Amazon up on a new window with all your results.

Below is example of this tool from the Latest Deals website:

LatestDeals - Tool 2


Amazon free delivery tool

Amazon will only deliver your items for free if members spend a minimum of £20. To qualify for free shipping your basket has to be worth at least £20 from products sold directly by Amazon.

Below is example of this tool from Latest Deals:

LatestDeals - Tool 3

The Amazon Free Shipping tool helps members find low cost add-on items to make your basket up to £20 and qualify members for super saver delivery.


Supermarket price comparison tool

This tool is only available through the app, and it will give members the chance to save money with your grocery shopping by finding the cheapest prices throughout the supermarkets on a product members search for.

Below is an example of this tool from the Latest Deals app:

LatestDeals - Supermarket

This is an excellent tool and will definitely come in handy when looking to save those extra pennies.


Stock checker tool

Latest Deals automatically check all of the retailer’s websites every minute of the day. As soon as stock is detected, they update the website to let everyone know.

Once members select a product, for this is example I searched for the Nintendo Switch.

Below is example of this tool from Latest Deals:

LatestDeals - Stock checker

By tracking stock automatically like this they save members the hassle of manually refreshing shop pages hunting for stock.



This section allows members to search for an item by product.

Below is an example of these:

LatestDeals - Tags



This is a community board where members can discuss the latest deals and pretty much any subject, they like to be fair. The chat board is moderated, but there is topics for all-sorts when taking a quick glance.


Refer a friend

For every friend/family referral to Latest Deals that reaches 150 points members can earn 250 points. Make sure members send your friends the unique link though, this is available through the dashboard.



This section will have articles on people and how they have saved money. They will also be information such as people sharing their tips on saving money with shopping.

There’s lots of good and useful information on there.


LatestDeals.co.uk – Final thought

There is so much information available on this website/app, it’s unbelievable that it’s free. There is no hidden catch, it’s just huge community of people sharing their deals, bargains, competitions, vouchers, freebies and more.

There is nothing to lose here, if you’re a keen shopper looking to save some money then this will be a great website/app for you.

Any questions then please leave them below.

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