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Setting Financial Goals – Remain Debt Free!

You have been successful in paying back debts. So, now what?

Your job doesn’t end here. You have to set a goal to remain debt free or at least manage your debts effectively.

By setting goals you can stay on top of your finances and live a happier life. So, set effective goals, stay debt free, and build a better financial future.

In this simple guide I will discuss how that is possible and how you can achieve success when setting financial goals.



How to set effective financial goals

Goal setting will not be fruitful unless you plan them in an effective way. The effective way includes a technique, i.e. SMART financial goals. SMART is the abbreviation for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.


Set specific goals

When you are setting goals, it is important to be specific. Specific in the sense of taking particular steps to achieve the goals.

You might have a goal like “saving for a down payment” but have you decided the amount you are going to save for a down payment? If not, then your goal is the vague one.


To make your goal specific, you need to determine an amount you want to save in a year or month or week.

For example, suppose the amount of your down payment is £20,000, which you need to save in three years. So, you need to save £6,666 in a year, and that means £555 in a month.

You can also set a goal of building an emergency fund worth of 5-6 months of your lifestyle expenses. It can help you if you’re laid off for a certain period.

Top tip:

I noticed when I write my goal on a calendar that I tend to work harder to achieve that goal by the date. So don’t just add a goal without a narrowing down a deadline date.



Set measurable goals

It is important to make your goals measurable for some reasons like to stay motivated and assess the progress toward the goal achievement.

For example, you have set a goal to “save money” by spending less. In such a case, you’ll have to know how much you are spending now. Else, you can’t decide how much you have to cut back on your expenses to save the required amount.

So, figure out your expenses to decide the amount you want to cut back and put it in savings.

It will help you save a required amount every month which you can put into your emergency fund to avoid falling into debt.


Set attainable goals

Your goal must be a realistic one so that you can attain it with some easy moves. In case of unrealistic goals, it will be difficult for you to achieve, and in turn, you’ll lose hope.

While there is no will, no hope, you can’t achieve any goal. So, before you set goalsmake sure you can achieve them, and for this, you need to know some secrets to set achievable goals.

Suppose, you aim to save £150 per week but if you have only £30 extra at the end of the week. And, it’ll be quite impossible for you to achieve your aim.

Therefore, get well aware of your financial state and then set goals so that you don’t have to face any hardship to achieve them.

Also, one good way to avoid debt is to restrict using your credit cards and paying back the bills in full at the end of every billing cycle.


Set relevant goals

Set goals that will keep you motivated to save a significant number of bucks. If you set goals which don’t make you excited to save extra, then it will go in vain. Because there is a higher chance to quit it in a middle way. So, set goals that you love to achieve, not those which make you feel difficult to achieve.

Take a sheet and a pen to list the goals you want to achieve in the next five years or ten years or more.

Your list can include building an emergency fund, planning for a vacation, replacing your car, buying or renovating your house, saving for your kid’s education, planning for retirement, and so on.

Just make sure you are setting relevant goals.

If you want to achieve financial independence, then calculate your FI number and set your goals accordingly. Measure your achievement at regular intervals to keep you motivated.

Top tip:

Invest in a good planner, organise your finances and prioritise your goals.



Set time-bound goals

Most of us have a tendency to delay making money related decisions. But you need to set a timeline so that the sense of accomplishment motivates you to work towards achieving your goals.

To set a deadline, you need to figure out when you’d like to accomplish your goals.

For example, if you are planning for a vacation next year, the timeline is one year, and somehow, you’ll manage to save a certain amount to reach your goal within a set period.

What you can do is, calculate the overall expenses of your tour and divide the amount by 12 and save that amount every month.

Doing so, you can avoid swiping your cards and fall into debt. Your vacation will be more enjoyable when you know you don’t have any debts to pay off later.


Types of financial goals

While setting goals you need to know about the types of goals based on the timeline.

  • Short-term financial goals

Short-term financial goals take less than one year to get accomplished. Examples of short-term goals can include planning for a tour, buying a new TV, or paying off small debts.

  • Mid-term financial goals

Midterms financial goals take more time than the short-term goals and less time than long-term goals. Midterms financial goals can be buying a car or paying off debts.

  • Long-term financial goals

Long-term financial goals generally take more than 5 years or more to achieve. Long term goals examples include saving for a child’s education, saving for retirement, or buying a home.

It may take about 20 years or more to achieve financial independence.


Setting financial goals – Does having a financial goal lead to a debt-free life?

Yes, there’s a connection between having financial goals and living a debt free life. When you have financial goals, your mindset will be saving money.

Saving money or putting aside a certain amount works as a strategy to avoid debt. It prevents you from falling into a debt trap as you have already set aside a certain amount in your savings account or in an emergency fund.

Moreover, you also plan your finances effectively to have a better financial future.

Setting financial goals and strategy will help you keep an eye on your expenses and in turn, win a monthly savings challenge. Moreover, it will teach you to live a frugal life where debt has no entrance.

However, even after following these strategies you fall into debt, don’t waste time. Select a suitable debt relief strategy like debt consolidation or debt settlement and work your way out of debt. At that point in time, set the goal of getting out of debt as early as possible.

So, set goals, achieve them, and have a wonderful life ahead!

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10 Tips To Pay Off Debt – This Guideline Helped Me Pay Off My Debt!

Up until 2018 I was constantly in debt, living month by month scraping by. It’s not a nice position to find yourself in, but there are ways to get yourself out of debt.

People will say “how am I supposed to pay off debt when I can’t even pay my bills?” Without stating the obvious, you need more money.

It will definitely be a difficult task to pay off debt with low income, but if you’re determined, it can be done.

To pay off any debt you are going to need to DECIDE and COMMIT to the process. Following these two principles is so important, you will not succeed if you don’t.

The below 10 tips have worked for me, and I believe they will work for you. It won’t be easy, and with low income, it will definitely be harder and take you longer.

I believe you can pay off your debt.

With determination, persistence and commitment, it can be done.



Make the debt your top priority

This is not easy. Our money is spent in many different ways and paying off debt is never fun.

But once you manage to pay it off, life will be much better and the weight of the world will come off your shoulders. You will have more money to enjoy life and be more flexible with your spending.

In order to get to this stage, you need to make working towards being debt-free a high priority in life.


This will look differently depending on your specific circumstances.

For example, a family could pay their essential bills each month, and then pay as much as they possibly could to their debts, while leaving enough left over for the grocery budget and basic needs.

You need to live simply and not purchase expensive things you don’t need. You might not be able to do an activity with friends because it’s too expensive, but you need to think of the end goal of being debt-free.

By doing this it means you are committed to being debt-free as soon as possible. Someday, you will be free of the money issues and be able to spend your hard-earned cash on those nice things you have missed out on while being focused on reducing your debt.

You can kill off your debt. But you have to make it a priority!


Debt strategy

There are 2 main debt strategies, these are called the Snowball Method and The Avalanche.

I started the Snowball Method back in 2018 and have paid my debt off after two years.

I encourage you to really look into and consider these two methods. Talk it over with you partner (if you have one) and put a plan into place.

Once you decide on the method that’s right for you, commit. Dedicate yourself to a plan, and stick to it.

Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate your plan if your financial situation changes.


One debt at a time

For a while I was making the mistake of spreading my money over various debts. I found this to be more of a long-winded way to pay off my debt.

At the time I believed that spreading my payments would help me pay off the debts faster, but this definitely wasn’t the case.

Focus on one debt at a time, once this is paid off, then move on to the next. I started with the smallest debt then moved onto the next in size after that.

By doing this method I paid my debt off faster.


Cut back on expenses

with the savings you make on cutting back, pay it off your debt.

It’s really as simple as it sounds. The more you can throw at your debt, the faster it will be paid off.


Anywhere you can cut back, then do so.

There are so many ways to cut back on your everyday expenses. It takes some work and effort. Sometimes it takes sacrifice. But after a little while it becomes second nature.

Check out my posts: 10 tips to save money on groceries and frugal living tips for beginners. These guides may be of help to you when looking to save money.

The most important thing about cutting back, is that the money you save actually goes on the debt. Don’t spend it on other things you don’t need.

Every dollar/pound you save, should go straight towards your debt.


Cashback sites are a great way to save money online, you can earn cash back on your purchase you were going to make anyway.

Two of my favourite sites are Topcashback and Quidco.

Click on the links above to find out more about saving money through these sites!



Set yourself a target of coming under budget

Then, devote those savings to your debt!

Before doing this, you need to be able to stick to a budget. But, once you’ve mastered that, then keep going.

Try to come in under budget by spending less than you planned.

Cut back a little bit at a time. Read about ways to save money on food and groceries here.

Then, just like cutting back on your expenses, ensure the money saved goes towards your debt.


The Honey extension/app is one of the best free coupon apps that gives you the latest coupon codes to apply at checkout. Install this app on your desktop, and every time you shop online, it will automatically show you coupon codes to use.

Click on the link above to find out more about saving money through this site!



Live a frugal life

There is no doubt that frugality is one thing that keeps you rich and sorted. A small step towards frugality can help you make some big savings that can repay a big chunk of your debt. For more information on how to go about living a frugal life, you can head over to my post: frugal living tips for beginners. 


Stop taking on more debt

When you are already in debt the worst thing you can do is to continue taking on more debt.

This can be hard, especially if a lot of your debt is credit card debt from indulging in shopping and impulse buying.

Adding more debt while you are working hard to pay off your existing debt is like throwing your money away.


Learn to say NO, to your kids and to yourself

We often don’t realise how much money we waste on things that we don’t really need.

We impulsively get convinced by friends to go out when we can’t really afford to, or we end up spending more than we actually planned to.

Sometimes, unplanned expenses take over our financial goals and it’s too late before we actually realise it.

In order to be debt-free tomorrow, you need to make the necessary sacrifices today.


Stop obsessing over what your pals are doing

Peer pressure and an associated desire to live a rich life often forces us to make wrong financial decisions.

You are randomly scrolling through your social media feed, only to catch a glimpse of your old school friend vacationing at an exotic location and you can’t help but obsess over wanting to do the same.

10 Tips To Reduce Debt

Well, that’s when you need to get hold of your wants and think of spending money on things that you actually need, or you will be driven to a life that might drown you further into a pool of debt.

Focus on what you can afford and not what can drive you further into debt.


Increase your income

In order to get out of debt as quickly as possible, it’s important to expand your stream of income.

You could work extra hours or pick up a side-hustle to chip in with some extra money. This comes with a need to work harder, but these sacrifices will enable you to pay off the debt faster.


Check out my posts for the Top 10 surveys sites to earn quick cash and Surveytime for ways to make some extra money.



10 Tips To Pay Off Debt – Final thought

Being in debt is a nightmare, it’s a horrible thought, knowing that most of your hard-earned money is going on paying off debts.

That’s why it’s so important to put a plan in place to pay it off as fast as possible. Make your debt a priority and cut back where you can to reduce it as soon as possible.

These tips are a great place to start, and helped me pay off my debt.

Pick a strategy, sick to it with commitment and determination, so in the near future, you can live a care-free, debt-free life.

Make sure that you focus on one debt at a time. Cut back on your expenses and try to come in under budget so that you have extra money to dedicate to your debt.

If I can do it, so can you!

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How To Create a Christmas Budget – Short Guide & Tips

Christmas is my favourite time of the year, it’s a great time with the family to make memories. Although, this can be over shadowed if you’re struggling financially.

This is when Christmas becomes a stressful time, when the constantly worry of money is on your mind.

You don’t have to spend a certain amount of money on Christmas just because other people are. To have a good Christmas you don’t need to blow a fortune or max out the credit card.

You don’t want to wake up the day after Christmas with a massive knot in your stomach knowing that you just racked up all of your credit cards. Instead of enjoying the time off during Christmas break, you don’t want to be worrying about how you’re going to pay it all off.

You can do Christmas on a budget without worrying, when you know how.

This is why It’s very important to create a budget for Christmas spending. This way you can stick to the amount you want to spend, and not worry about overspending or resorting to a credit card to get by.

Creating a budget doesn’t have to be a complicated process.

In this guide I will talk through some tips that will be of help to you when budgeting for Christmas.



What is a Christmas Budget?

A Christmas budget is basically a plan for exactly what you’re going to spend your precious money on. You should reference your budget as you spend, and use it to keep yourself on track.

I think it’s easiest if you separate your Christmas budget into two parts. One part should be gifts and the other part should be other Christmas expenses.


Creating a Christmas budget

Spending less on Christmas gifts will obviously help, but spending less on a whole is the key to keeping to a budget. Save a bit here, and a bit there. It all adds up towards the money to you will save.

Some people make this process much more complicated than it needs to be.

Let’s keep it simple. I think you’ll be surprised at how uncomplicated this process can actually be.


Budget for gifts

You can start your budget for gifts by listing the name of every person you plan on buying a gift for this year.

Once you list all the people you want to buy gifts for, write down the amount you want to spend on each one next to their name. By doing this you will get a good estimate of what you will actually be spending.


Once you’ve written your list, this would be a good time to brainstorm ideas for gifts for each person, and find something within the price range of the amount you have highlighted to spend. I find this is easier to do when you’re already thinking about it.

After you assign an amount to each person on your list, add up all those numbers. Is this amount reasonable for you? Can you afford to spend that much on gifts? If not, go back and adjust your spending goals.

If you and your spouse (if you have one) will be shopping for gifts, discuss your gift budget together. By doing this you will ensure you are both on the same page, which will save any later headaches when coming to returning things.


Other Christmas Expenses

On a separate page, list all of the other expense you will have to pay for over the Christmas period. This will include things such as decorations, Christmas tree, food, any outings etc.


Basically, include anything that is Christmas related other than the cost for gifts.

All of these other expenses are important to track, as we often spend money like it’s going out of fashion, just because it’s Christmas! These expenses will take up a big slice of your budget, so you need to know what your money is being spent on.

Be deliberate about what you’re going to buy. Plan it ahead of time.

When you can, choose items that will last you several years. By this I mean things such has decorations. These should be purchased with the idea that they will last a few years, so you’re not buying the same things over and over, year in year out.


How will you pay for it?

I always want to know a rough estimate of how much money I need before I create a plan to save money. I figure out how much I’ll need to spend on gifts and other expenses, and then I plan for how I will save.


Below are some ideas of how to save money in the lead up to Christmas:


Purchase Early

One of the best ways to do Christmas on a budget is to plan ahead.

Saving money for Christmas weekly is one way, another is to buy non-perishable foods ahead of time.

There are rarely any goods deals on food during December but October/November is great for prices being slashed.

For example, my dad likes a bottle of Jack Daniels at Christmas, so I always buy it in October when the price is £15 instead of the usual £25.

I just have to hide it for 2 months someplace safe!


It’s a great idea to simply scout deals on the websites of the stores that you shop at.

Just from the top of head I can tell you that Asda, Aldi, Co-op and Lidl all have weekly and monthly deals that they promote online.



Use Discount Stores

The discount grocery stores like Aldi and Lidl are a great way of buying cheap Christmas food in comparison to the bigger stores.

They have a good range of festive foods along with their usual low prices.

Don’t upgrade your grocery store just because it’s Christmas, sticking with low cost stores is a great way to save money for Christmas and beyond.

Just because the items are cheaper it doesn’t mean the quality is not as good, majority of the time you’re paying just for the name of the product.


Supercooks is a website that helps you re-create recipes from leftovers.

Just list out the ingredients and let SuperCooks tell you what to cook! Never again will you have to stare at those leftovers in the fridge and wonder what to do with it.



Cashback Sites

If you are shopping online, always go via cashback sites to see if your chosen retailer is listed.

Sometimes they are, sometimes not.

Going via a cashback site is incredibly simple.

Sign up for the cashback site (my favourite UK ones are Quidco and TopCashback) and then find your chosen retailer and click through to their website.

I recently purchased some earrings for my partner through Quidco and received £10 in cash back.

In the US the favourite cash back sites seem to be Ibotta and Rakuten (was Ebates)



Vouchers and deals

The Honey extension/app is a great website for finding vouchers from thousands of retailers online.

I have saved money when making purchases on clothes through Honey on several occasions.

Also, Latest Deals is great website for bargains and deals.

While saving money you also earn points though the above sites, which can them be redeemed into a giftcard of your choice.

These sites are no brainer!

Want to find out more about these two sites? here is my posts for Honey and Latest Deals.


How To Create a Christmas Budget – Final thought

It’s important to remember, and it’s something that I try to focus on every year, that Christmas is not about what you receive, but rather the memories that you make. Christmas is about being around the people who you love and care about, and that’s the most important gift that you can give.

Financially, ultimately, your goal during Christmas is to survive debt free. You don’t want the stress and worry of maxed out credit cards hanging over your head during the happiest season of the year.

A Christmas budget is an essential tool to help you know exactly where your money is going. Having a plan will keep you stay on track and avoid overspending or running up debt on your credit card.

Budgeting for gifts and other expenses separately will help you keep things organized, and overall lead to a more pleasant Christmas making happy memories.

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10 Tips To Save Money On Groceries – Tried And Tested Guide!

When shopping for groceries, there are many ways to save money. Whether your grocery budget is £50 or £250 a week, there are savings to be made.

The amount of money we spend on groceries is huge, but we need to eat right?

That doesn’t mean there isn’t money to saved, and we don’t have to break the bank every week while shopping.

Are you spending more on shopping than you need to?

Your grocery bill does not need to cost a fortune! It’s totally possible to feed your family healthy food without breaking the bank.

This guide will give you some tips and tricks to save money on grocery shopping.



Create a list

One of the most important things when looking to cut grocery costs, is to make a list and stick to it.

Before you go to store, think about what groceries you need for the week and make a list. Then, remember to bring that list to the store. And most importantly stick to the list!


If you prefer writing it down on paper, then do it this way, whatever works the best for you.

I prefer to create a list on my mobile phone, this way I know I’ll always have my list on me and not forget it. This way is also ideal, because you can edit the previous week and just add and delete what you need to.

Using your list to ensure you pick up everything you need in one shop is a great way to save money, because it stops you making second trips where you can impulse buy and spend more.


Prices of items

It’s important to familiarise yourself with the prices of the items you purchase on a regular basis.

Buy doing this you will know whether an item is on sale or not, or how good the sale is.

How would you know what the usual price is?

Grocery prices can vary by location, so your best option is to keep track of the prices yourself.

Keep a little note book on you, jot the prices down of the items that you regularly purchase. This way you will soon memorise the prices.


Cashback sites are a great way to save money online, you can earn cash back on your purchase you were going to make anyway.

Two of my favourite sites are Topcashback and Quidco.

Click on the links above to find out more about saving money through these sites!

Also, take a picture on your phone of any items for sale, so you can compare when you get home.

You might feel a little silly doing this at first, but you will soon see the benefit in doing so, when you see the savings you make.

Of course, if you’re actually buying the item, you can save the receipt to record the price.

After a period of time, the prices will soon stick in you mind and you will know what’s a good deal and what’s not from the top of your head.


Swap for cheaper and healthier alternatives

Did you ever realise that raw coconut oil can work out as a cheaper and healthier option to expensive moisturisers?

Or how about reusable kitchen towels instead of paper towels?

There are many ways to swap for better alternatives and even though you might only save a bit of money, it all adds up by the end of the month.


Buy in season

In-season fruit and veg and always reasonably priced. You will notice exotic and off-season fruit maybe double the usual price. It’s good to choose wisely unless you really need to use them in a special recipe.


Scout deals

It’s a great idea to simply look at the websites of the stores that you shop at.

Just from the top of head I can tell you that Asda, Aldi, Co-op and Lidl all have weekly and monthly deals that they promote online.


I’m sure that many of you shop at different stores, but these ideas can still apply to you.

Just visit the websites of the stores that you shop at.

Take a look at the savings programs that they offer and make sure that you’re taking advantage of them!


The Honey extension/app is one of the best free coupon apps that gives you the latest coupon codes to apply at checkout. Install this app on your desktop, and every time you shop online, it will automatically show you coupon codes to use.

Click on the link above to find out more about saving money through this site!


Expiration dates

This may seem obvious to you, but the freshest food will always last the longest.

Check the expiration dates of everything.


Stores will always put the older date items to the front of shelves and push the older stock towards the back.

If you’re not bothered about having a mooch to get the newer date items, then go for it. By doing this you are lesser likely to throw away out of date products, and therefore save money in the process.


Buying in bulk

Bulk shopping isn’t just for big families.

We shop at Costco and stock up when we can. There’s a lot there that can benefit anyone or any size family.

We buy all sorts from there when we visit and it lasts us a long time. We buy our eggs, frozen veggies, meats (that we can freeze), spices, and olive oil from Costco.

Costco is also great for paper goods like paper towels, toilet paper, and tissues.

Bulk buying is great for saving money in the long run.

Here are some products with a long shelf life:


  • Toilet Rolls
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Toilet bleach
  • Laundry detergents
  • Garbage liners, dishwashing liquid
  • Hand wash
  • Diapers, wipes and milk powder
  • Sanitary towels
  • Shampoo, body wash, moisturisers
  • Over the counter pain killers also have a long expiry
  • Batteries – can come in handy


  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Dried Lentils
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Salt/Sugar
  • Cereal, peanut butter, jam
  • oil
  • Frozen food of your choice – vegetables, berries
  • Canned food – baked beans, tuna, soup, carrot/peas
  • Plain/Self Raising flour

Buy these items in bulk when there is a price drop and watch the pennies you save mount up.



Supercooks is a website that helps you re-create recipes from leftovers.

Just list out the ingredients and let SuperCooks tell you what to cook! Never again will you have to stare at those leftovers in the fridge and wonder what to do with it.


Limit your trips

Visit the grocery store just once a week. The fewer times you visit, the less money you’ll spend. Your menu plan will help ensure you get everything on your grocery list in a single visit.


Limit Meat

Meat usually has a shorter expiry and can cost a lot more expensive than vegetables. So, if you can limit the amount of meat you buy each week, you can definitely save some money there.

Another way to save on meat is to avoid buying meat in smaller portions. Most supermarkets charge less when you buy in bulk. You can buy a larger portion of meat, use what you want and freeze the rest.


10 ideas to save money on groceries – Final thought

Saving money with groceries can be done with a bit of effort, and over time the money that you have saved soon builds up.

I use to overspend on shopping week in week out, and was surprised at how much I saved when putting these steps into practice.

This guide has really helped me cut back on the spending; I hope it helps you too.

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Simple Frugal Living – Beginners Guide To Saving Money

If you’re just stepping into the world of saving money and are interest in simple frugal living , but you’re not sure where to begin, then this post will give you a few pointers on where to start.

For those who don’t know what frugal means, I will explain this for you.

A frugal person is someone that is careful with money and food, someone that is prudently saving or sparing, not wasteful and is economical.

Living in frugal way can seem a bit overwhelming, so to help I have put together a small beginner’s guide to getting started.

The small changes I will talk about can be implemented one by one, and make a big difference financially and to the wellbeing of your life over time.

So, lets get started with my tips for living a more frugal life.


How I started

Until the ripe age of 37 I use to be really bad with money, like really bad. I spent it faster than I could make it, and every month I was skint by the second week after being paid.

After some major lifestyle and financial changes, I would like to think I’m pretty decent when it comes to money these days.

If I can adapt to a better way of living, then anyone can.

I started off by setting myself a money goal to achieve and build on. Then I put a plan together and started to put into practice the mentioned things below.

Let’s get started with my tips to save money and live a more frugal lifestyle.


Beginner’s Guide to Being Frugal

Even if you can just save a small amount, save what you can, all the time.

Master one of the below tips then move onto the next. Before you know it, you will be doing them all, and then looking at more ways to save money.

Follow these and over time I have no doubt you will be successful in living a frugal lifestyle in the long run.



Evaluate your monthly expenses.

The chances are that your monthly expenses are costing you too much. This could be the reason you’re looking to save money in the first place.


This is where you will need to ask yourself some tough questions, like…

Am I overspending in general?

Could I cut costs with my groceries?

Do I really need to spend money on coffee every morning on the way to work? Or on food at lunch?


Tackle your biggest bills first, like your electric bill or your phone bill.



I only shop when I need to. If you’re one of those people who shops for the sake of it and spends money like it’s going out of fashion, then cut down or stop.

While doing this you always purchase things you don’t need. In order to save money, you have to stop shopping for fun.

I only go to shops these days for essential items, and it has helped me save a lot of money.

Every pound I spend is vouched and tracked for.

I don’t go near a shop unless if it’s for something I definitely need.


Grocery budget

Spending money on groceries is a difficult one, every family needs to eat.

I find that sticking to budget every week, really helps with saving money. There’s no needless buying or putting things in the basket for the sake of it.

Put aside a certain amount every week for groceries and stick to that amount.

Seems simple, which it is, but it’s really effective at cutting costs.


Enjoy your home

This may not seem obviously connected to saving money, but I believe it is.

When you’re in love with your surroundings, you’re so much less likely to go out and spend money for an escape.


Consider the small things you could change that would help you love your home more. Here are some examples:

  • Add a few candles in your living room, I find this makes the room cosier.
  • Start making your bed everyday, so you don’t feel bad every time you look in your room.
  • Turn your desk (if you have one) so it faces a window instead of a blank wall.
  • Redecorate rooms to your favourite colour, to give you a lift when you walk in.

If you put your mind to it, there are so many little things you can do to make your home feel more homely.

Walk through your home and make a list of simple things you could change to make it more enjoyable.

This is an investment, and if it keeps you in and cosy instead of looking to be outside spending money, it soon pays off.


Create an outdoor space that you love too. Whether it’s a corner of your garden of a little patio area. Make this space yours, somewhere that feels comfortable to escape the drama of life.


Fix it, instead of throwing away

People in general, seem too quick to throw things away, I use to be the same.

Instead of being one of those people, try to fix or refurbish what you can.

YouTube is a great place for videos that show you how to fix and refurbish just about anything.

One person’s rubbish is another’s treasure. Just because something is old, broken or worn out, that doesn’t mean it’s at the end of its life.

Give it some TLC, work some magic and give it some more life if possible.

You never know, you might find yourself a new hobby you enjoy!


Used goods

Before purchasing something new, always browse for used items beforehand.

There is some great stuff out there, and there are more sources than ever online. You can find quality used stuff of just about anything on the internet

Ebay and Facebook Marketplace are just a couple of those available, that are great resources.

You can also buy used items on Amazon. When you’re looking at an item, check below the main price for it to say “new & used from”. Click that link and it will send you to the listing of the used versions of that item.

There are many ways to buy good used goods, when you think beyond only buying brand new.


Vouchers and deals

Honey is a great website for finding vouchers from thousands of retailers online.

I have saved money when making purchases on clothes through Honey on several occasions.

Also, Latest Deals is great website for bargains and deals.

While saving money you also earn points though the above sites, which can them be redeemed into a giftcard of your choice.

These sites are no brainer!

Want to find out more about these two sites? here is my posts for Honey and Latest Deals.


Car sharing

Driving to your usual places each day costs you money. Mostly in the petrol that it takes, but also in wear and tear on your car.

Depending on your commute, you may also be paying money in tolls.

Find a co-worker who lives nearby and start see if they’d be interested in car sharing.

Even if they don’t care about saving money, they may still be interested just because they would love not to have to drive to work every day.

Think about it. Wouldn’t you rather be on your phone than driving? For most of us, that’s an easy yes.

This works for kid’s activities too. Start switching off with another parent and gain back some time and some money in driving costs.


Cashback sites

Cashback sites are way of earning money while you spend money on shopping.

Some good sites are Topcashback, Quidco and Boom25.

The cashback site will earn a percentage for referring you to the retailer through their website, and you take a cut of the profits.


It’s an easy way to earn some extra money while making a purchase you were planning to make anyway.

Here’s my posts with all the details of exactly how Quidco, Topcashback and BOOM25 work.


Big purchases

Have something big in mind you believe you absolutely need?

Give it time.

Instead of rushing out and spending big right away, give yourself time to think about it.

Let’s say 30 days…

In those 30 days you might find you don’t actually need that item at all, or maybe you will find something else that is a cheaper option.

Either way you are giving yourself that bit of additional time to save and think about the purchase.

If you then decide that you definitely want it, you can make the purchase confidently, knowing you absolute need it.


Simple Frugal Living – Final thought

Now it’s time to start saving.

You don’t need to dive right into extreme measures of frugal living. Instead, start with these starter tips and things will naturally gain momentum for you.

Start by evaluating your expenses and find places where you can cut back. Shop less and stick to a grocery budget when you shop for food.

Consider car sharing to save money and time. Shop smart by using some vouchers and getting cash back. Enjoy your home so you want to be there more, to avoid going out all the time.

Fix or refurbish broken items before buying something new. And when that doesn’t work, try buying used. Make it a rule to wait 30 days before purchasing big purchase items.

It’s really not that hard to do, you just need to get the ball rolling.

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Frugal-simple-life tips

Is The Honey Extension Legit? – Save Money Online While Shopping!

People visiting physical shops is becoming a thing of yesterday, with more and more shoppers purchasing their goods online, but how do you know you’re getting the best deal available?

Even when shopping at a specific shop online, it will often have coupon codes all year round, but finding that particular one that saves you the most can be a time-consuming task.

That’s where the Honey extension app comes in handy.

In this comprehensive review, you will learn the following

  • What is the Honey extension app?
  • How do the Honey extension and Honey app work?
  • What are the main features of Honey browser extension?
  • Is Honey app legit?
  • Is Honey extension safe?
  • Does Honey extension work with Amazon?
  • Does Honey extension work on mobile?
  • The Pros and Cons



What is the Honey Extension App?

Honey is an extension for your browser or an app (only available for the US users at the moment), that searches online for the best deals for you.

What vouchers are available to you though Honey, will slightly differ, depending on where you live. But ultimately Honey will save you money while shopping. Honey does this by searching online for the best vouchers available for the site you are shopping on.

The honey extension app was developed in the US, and the extension and app are available for US users. UK users can only use the extension, as the app is not available as of yet.

If you are not familiar with web browser extensions, it’s small piece of software that adds on to your web browser for your laptop or desktop. This allows Honey to be active and searching vouchers while you shop (example of where the extension will be below):


The honey extension app is compatible with over 40,000 shopping sites, and searches automatically.

Honey’s mission is that “We give everyone the tools it takes to find the best savings, perks, and all around value – making online shopping fair for everyone. Free and easy to use“.

Honey currently has over 17 million members, and have saved the members over $1 billion. They have also given members over $8 million in rewards (gift cards).

Honey currently supports shopping sites in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom with more to come.


How Does Honey Extension Work?

Living in the UK, I have only been able to use the browser extension and features available here, but I will mention all the functionality.

First things first you need to download the extension.

Then Sign-up to Honey – this is made easy as you can use your google or facebook account, or enter your details (you can sign up below:).


The extension is then added to your web browser and works with – Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge or Opera.

My experience is with Google Chrome and it works really well on this platform. You will notice a little icon appear on the web browser window.

If the H is grey it means Honey is not linked to that site, so no savings this time.

If it turns orange that means you are connected and you can click on the icon to show you vouchers, add to your drop list, price history and gold rewards. Or you can wait and the deals automatically pop up when you start to check out.

It is that easy.

Here’s a quick look at how the Honey browser extension works:


Honey is great for deals on BOOHOOMAN. I regularly use this website to shop, and have saved £40 since the beginning of September alone!



How does Honey App work?

So being in the UK, I need to refer to Honey to explain the difference between the browser extension and the app – as I can’t try the app.

They are designed to be different.

The browser basically works on the website you are shopping on and helps you get the best deal.


The app however, brings together millions of products from 1,000’s of sites, with their vouchers, allowing you to put them in one basket and actually buy through Honey in one purchase.

However, having a look through the reviews on Apple Apps store, it’s only rate 3.9 out of 5.

Most of the negative reviews come from the fact that the app works differently as the extension and it seems to be clunky.

So, there’s definitely room for improvement.


If you don’t see the Honey window popping up, check you pop-up or ad blockers in your browser settings.



What are the main features of the Honey extension?

Here are some main features that Honey browser extension to save you money.

1. Savings Finder – This applies discount vouchers as you checkout using the browser, or as you shop using the app.

2. Honey Gold – This is like cash back, so you earn while you spend. This goes into your account quarterly and can be used to purchase gift cards from several well-known stores. Such as Amazon, Spotify, Gap, Footlocker, ASOS, Tesco.


You need 1000 gold points for a $10 gift card, or 1400 for £10 in the UK, due to the exchange rates.

3. Price History – exactly as it sounds and shows you the recent history for the item you are buying. This is a great tool to use for Christmas shopping to save money.

4. Droplist (US members only) – allows you to add the items you are interested in buying at the price you want, https://itsnotyour9to5.com/mone-saving-ideas-for-christmasand then notifies you if the price drops. It works on both the extension and app. Honey says they are working on rolling this out to other countries.

5. Amazon Best Price – Honey doesn’t get you discounts on Amazon, but will show you the best price from several sellers. This feature already exists in Amazon so for me it is not that important.


Earning gold can be a little slow, it’s a percentage of the purchase. However, if you invite 2 friends to Honey and they use it. You will also receive a $10/£10 gift card.



Is Honey Extension safe?

Honey extension is Free and secure. This is important to Honey and a big part of their business. They currently have +17M users, lots of high rated reviews.

The UK Trustpilot has Honey at 4.6, which is an excellent score.

Having read some of the negative reviews, I believe that the users who didn’t get discounts either had the location or pop-up setting wrong. I have never had any issues with the extension, and have almost come to expect a discount when shopping.


Is Honey App Legit?

Yes, Honey is completely legit!

They earn money from commission from the stores you purchase from and are keen to point out they don’t share your data.

In addition, just to give you even more confidence;

The tech company responsible for developing and running Honey is owned by Paypal (bought in 2019, their largest ever acquisition for $4B)

Being based in LA they sponsor the LA Clippers basketball team (they train at the Honey Training Centre), so they have a very public presence, which is also supported with the typical high level of US customer service.


Does Honey work on Amazon?

It certainly links and the H turns orange and shows the cheapest option, price data and gold amount you will receive. BUT it won’t get you discounts.

As I mentioned earlier, Amazon already has a feature to identify the cheapest price, therefore, I don’t see too much benefit using Honey browser on Amazon.


Does Honey Extension work on mobile?

The browser extension does not work on phones or tablets; therefore, you have to use a real computer. However, for those in the US, there is the app option, both Apple and Android.


Make sure you select the right country for your location, if not Honey will not find the offers for you, as you will be on a UK site, while the extension is searching for US codes!



Honey Extension App Pros and Cons:


  • It’s FREE while saving you real money.
  • Takes the hard work out of finding vouchers / coupon codes
  • Works with over 40,000 stores
  • Provides cashback through reward cards
  • Work automatically in the background
  • One checkout for multiple purchases on the Honey App
  • Price monitoring and price history tracking so you know the best time to buy


  • Does not track how much you have saved over time
  • Limited in the region: Honey App is only available in the US. Honey Extension is only available in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.
  • The extension only gets you the best deal for the site you are on.
  • The extension only works on desktop/laptop; therefore, you can’t use it on the go.
  • Honey app doesn’t work as well as the browser extension.


Is the Honey extension app legit? Final thought

Honey is absolutely worth giving a try.

Honey claims to offer an average discount of 17.9% and an average yearly savings of $126/£95.

The discounts for me have been regular, and consistent, like welcome discounts, free shipping, or general discounts.

If you are in one of the countries that Honey extension app covers, my question is, why WOULDN’T you use this clever FREE extension to save you some money?

To put your mind at rest, Honey extension app is legit and safe, so you can enjoy saving money online hassle free.


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Morrisons Food Boxes – Including NEW British Food Box With Next Day Delivery

Morrisons have joined Asda in selling food boxes filled with the essentials for a weekly shop. The boxes have enough food to feed to 2 adults for a week and can be delivered the next day.


If you’re in the unfortunate position of not being able to get to do your weekly shop then ordering online may be an option for you, or if you just cannot be bothered with the stress of the supermarket, then the food boxes are a good option.

Morrisons has launched various different boxes that cater to different needs and various diets, meaning you don’t need to leave your home if need be.

The food boxes have already been made up for you, saving the time of adding individual products to your basket, which can be time-consuming and saving you time in the process.


How do Morrisons Food Boxes work?

If you don’t have one already, you firstly need to create an account with Morrisons by entering your name, email address and password.

If you already have an account, simply just log in.

Once in your account, you can then choose a pre-made hamper of food and supplies of your choice.

There are two types of box available, either meat or vegetarian and you can purchase up to two boxes per order.

Next day delivery is available if you order before 3pm.


What boxes are available?

Morrisons offer many food boxes.

When the food boxes were first introduced there were just the two options, but now there are many to choose from. The different boxes available cater for various diets.

Because farmers are struggling with the current situation and have lost a lot of trade from the food service market, Morrisons has launched a new British food box filled with British produce.

This will help British farmers in what has been a tough period of the time.

These boxes are slightly more expensive than alternatives at other supermarkets, but you get 10kg of premium food for your money which would usually be heading out to restaurants.

Also, from the sale of each box, £1 is donated to the Prince’s Countryside Fund.


What’s in the British Food Box?


This box includes the items listed below, or a similar product in description and value:

  • 2x Ribeye Steaks 200g
  • Pork Loin Steaks 500g
  • Chicken Thigh Fillets 600g
  • Lamb Mince 500g
  • Morrisons The Best 6 Traditional Cured Unsmoked Back Bacon Rashers 200g
  • Morrisons The Best Thick Cumberland Sausages 400g
  • Beef Mince 12% 500g
  • Morrisons For Farmers British Semi Skimmed Milk 4 Pints
  • Morrisons British Salted Butter 250g
  • Morrisons For Farmers Mature Extra Cheddar 350g
  • Morrisons The Best Red Fox 17 Month Mature Cheese 200g
  • Morrisons Carrots 500g
  • Morrisons Potatoes 1kg
  • Morrisons Onions 1kg
  • Morrisons Mushrooms 200g
  • Morrisons Asparagus 300g
  • Morrisons Cauliflower


Morrisons Vegetarian Box


Each box will contain different items, based on their current availability of products.

There will be a variety of products in each box.

Morrisons state that a typical vegetarian box will include:

  • Canned baked beans, soup and pasta sauce
  • Milk
  • Dairy products such as butter and cheese
  • Bread
  • Rice and pasta
  • Vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots and onions
  • Vegetarian proteins
  • Essential household items

Each box will feed two adults for one week.

So, if you’re a family of four, you’ll need to order two boxes for the week.

This box contains £30 worth of groceries and will be delivered to your door next day for £5.


Morrisons Meat BoxMorrisons-Meat-Box

Again, the boxes will have different products and contents will change depending on their availability.

Contents will be a bit like pot luck.

There will be enough food in each box to feed two adults for one week.

In a Morrisons Meat Box you will find:

  • Canned baked beans, soup and pasta sauce
  • Milk
  • Dairy products such as butter and cheese
  • Bread
  • Rice and pasta
  • Meat products, such as sausage, bacon and cooked meat
  • Vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots and onions
  • Fresh meat such as chicken or beef
  • Essential household items

Each box will feed two adults for one week.

So, if you’re a family of four, you’ll need to order two boxes for the week.

The boxes contain £30 worth of groceries and can be delivered safely to your door for £5.


Market Street Square Meals boxmorrisons-market-street-square-meals-box

This particular box comes with pre-made meals.

For £30 you get four different dishes, with eight meals in total, so it’s just a matter of heating them up.

This option is great for those who don’t have time/mobility/facilities or any other reasons to make a meal from scratch.

In the box, you get two adult meals that consist of:

  • Shepherd’s Pie – Minced British lamb slowly cooked in red wine for tenderness and flavour, topped with fluffy, cheesy mash (British lamb)
  • Sausage & Mash – Succulent Cumberland sausages with creamy mash and a sweet caramelised onion gravy (British pork)
  • Chicken & Tomato Pasta Bake – Tender chicken breast cooked in a rich tomato and basil passata, topped with a sprinkling of Parmesan (British chicken)
  • Cauliflower Mac ‘n’ Cheese – A mix of macaroni and cauliflower florets served with a smooth, creamy cheese sauce


Market Kitchen Meal Maker box


With these boxes, you get eight ready means that you simply need to heat up.

You will however need to make sure you have the extra supplies in the cupboard such as rice, pasta or potatoes, in order to complete the meal.

In the box, for £30, you get:

  • Chicken Tikka – Tender pieces of chicken in a tikka spiced sauce, seasoned with a hint of cumin and ginger (British chicken)
  • Keralan Style Vegetable Curry – Sweet potato, cauliflower and spinach blended with coconut and seasoned with a touch of cardamom
  • Chilli Beef – Rich, smoky chipotle beef with red kidney beans, seasoned with a blend of cumin and coriander (Produced for Morrisons from British beef)
  • Vegetable Chilli – A medley of sweet potato, chickpeas and kidney beans, cooked with a cumin, cinnamon and chilli spice blend


Other food boxes

Other food boxes that can be purchased from Morrisons include a Ramadan Food Box, an assorted fish food box, a gluten-free food box and a BBQ food box.

They have also introduced a larger family-sized box.


Are the boxes any good?

If you’re not able to get to the shops, and you’re not able to get a food delivery from a normal supermarket, these food boxes are great temporary solution.

By making a purchase of one these boxes it will work out more expensive than walking into Aldi and buying the same sort of items, but you’re paying for the convenience.

Also, the food is delivered in cool, insulated boxes to your door.

The meat and vegetarian boxes come with enough supplies to keep a couple of adults going for the week, so even though they do seem high in price, it’s option worth thinking about during these tough times.

Personally, I think the ready meal boxes are not good value for money. With this option you would get 16 meals, that’s not enough to feed a couple for three meals a day for week. Plus, you need to add more food to the second box.

I suppose, if there are no other options, then it’s a way to get food.


Allergens and ingredients

During this difficult time there is going to be a high demand for food boxes, so the contents of each box cannot be guaranteed. Because of this, Morrisons are not able to give allergen advice, the ingredients list or any other information online at this time.

But, when you receive your box, each product will be packaged and will show labels with all the relevant information.

So, before consuming your food, you will need to check to see if it’s suitable for you and your dietary needs.

If you’re interested in these, Asda do a food box available for delivery as well.

Lidl Pick Of The Week Deal – 25th June 2020

Lidl-pick-of-the-weekIt’s that time of the week for Lidl’s “pick of the week”. This deal is popular amongst savvy customers who are looking to save cash with their shopping.

The deal runs every week from Thursday – Thursday, and it always has some great savings.

This bargain contains 12 deals for your weekly meals and has good selection of foods to choose from.

After some cheap and cheerful food? then this latest deal is just that.

There is good mixture of food to save money on here, so let’s take a look at what’s to offer this week.



Great savings

There’s some great deals and some new additions at cheap prices.

You could easily make a nice healthy meal from this deal for you or for the family!

The next “pick of the week deal” will be able available from 2nd July.

If you would like the view the pictures of the products from the deals they can be found the on Lidl.

Interested in this? then find more shopping deals at Co-op £5 Frozen Meal Deal (June 2020) and £2 Poundland Meal Deal


£2 Poundland Meal Deal – Absolute Bargain!

Poundland has launched its own budget meal deal to rival major supermarkets and other shops.

Poundland has launched an excellent meal deal at a bargain price of just £2! This is an absolute steal at the price.

What do you get with the £2 Poundland Mean Deal?


Unlike other meal deals, you will get four items for just £2!

You get to pick from a choice of a sandwich, crisps, chocolate bar, and a drink.

It’s never going to be healthy meal, but it’s a bargain and definitely great to grab on the go.

Below are the options available with the meal:


  • BLT
  • Cheese and onion
  • Chicken and bacon
  • Chicken salad
  • Egg mayo
  • Ham and cheese
  • Tuna and sweetcorn
  • Egg and bacon
  • Chicken and stuffing


  • Quavers (20g)
  • Real cheese and onion (35g)
  • Real salt and malt vinegar (35g)
  • Real sea salt (35g)
  • Chocolate bars
  • Bounty single (57g)
  • Mars single (51g)
  • Snickers single (48g)
  • Topic single (47g)
  • Twix single (50g)


  • 7Up Free (330ml)
  • Barr Bubblegum (330ml)
  • Barr Cream Soda (330ml)
  • Barr Pineapple (330ml)
  • Irn Bru (330ml)
  • Old Jamacia Ginger Beer (330ml)
  • P/Land still water (500ml)
  • Pepsi Diet (250ml)
  • Pepsi Max (250ml)
  • Pepsi Max Cherry (250ml)
  • R Whites Lemonade (330ml)
  • Tango Cherry (330ml)
  • Tango Orange (330ml)
  • Tango Strawberry (330ml)
  • Tango Tropical (330ml)
  • Vimto Original (330ml)


Is the deal worth it?

Overall, the £2 Poundland meal deal is a steal!

Compared to other meal deals out there, it’s a bargain.

However, you’re paying less for less.

The drinks on offer at Poundland are smaller than other places with meal deals, so that needs to be taken into account.

What also needs to be considered is that Poundland sells the sandwiches for £1 anyway. The drinks, crisps and chocolate can be purchased in a 3 for £1 deal as well. So, if you brought them separately it would work out at the same price. It was deal anyway; they have now just put a “meal deal” label on it.

At the end of the day it’s a bargain, and if you’re hungry and in a rush, it’s a cheap and cheerful meal to grab while on the move.

Asda Food Box – How Much & How To Order One

Asda has launched a 31-product food box to support people during the coronavirus pandemic. But, how much will one of these set you back and what items are included?

These boxes will include a selection of item and cupboard essential favourites. The move is the supermarket’s latest bid to provide further support during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Asda food boxes contain 31 everyday items and are aimed at helping vulnerable people.

Featured items include high-demand products such as cereal, bread, pasta, tinned fruit and vegetables, sauces, Extra Special jam, teabags and long-life milk.

Asda food box

However, Asda also say the boxes feature “a selection of treats”.

Mike Snell, Managing Director of Asda’s sourcing and procurement arm, IPL, said: “For vulnerable people across the country, staying at home and not being able to make a trip to the supermarket is a difficult prospect.

“At Asda, we’re committed to helping ease the strain on our customers during this time and hope that by offering our food box at an affordable price, we can help to make lives that little bit easier, giving people peace of mind that their cupboards will be well stocked without the stress.”


How to order the Asda food box?

Asda food box selectionImage via Asda

Customers can order the food box online by visiting foodboxes.asda.com.

The box will be delivered directly to your door the next day after placing the order.

The food box is available to everyone and not just the vulnerable, as stated below;

Asda said: “The food box is available to all, but Asda hopes it will help those most vulnerable who are struggling to get to the supermarket, or those who are self-isolating.”

The food box delivery service will be carried out by a third-party provider, so there will be no additional strain to their existing grocery home delivery service.


How much is the Asda food box?

The Asda food box with 31 items costs £25 and that includes delivery, great deal and great savings.

If this sounds like something appealing to you, then the boxes are available to order online now at foodboxes.asda.com.