If you’re looking how to earn cashback on everyday purchases, then Quidco is a name that will always appear. They are a huge player in the game, and one of a few mentioned when talking about online cashback sites. The number of these sites is growing, and becoming much more popular on the internet.

When you buy something online with a retailer, similarly make the purchase through the Quidco website and you can make money back on that purchase. Quidco will receive a percentage of your purchase as commission and then they pay you a piece of the pie.

If you’re making the purchase anyway, you have nothing to lose as it’s COMPLETELY FREE to join.

In this Quidco review, I will be covering why it’s such a popular choice.

If this sounds appealing to you, then join and receive a £10 NEW CUSTOMER BONUS once you earn £5 cashback.



How does cashback work?

Cashback sites work in a unique way. Rather than shopping through the retailer’s website, you would access the shopping site you require through the cashback site. By doing this you gain access to different offers, vouchers and rewards.


Cashback sites and affiliate links

When you access the retail site you require to make a purchase through an affiliate link, they know what partner site you are coming from.

This is great for retail sites from a marketing perspective. In return, they pay the cashback sites, who then pay a percentage back to the customer.

When shopping through the cashback site, instead of directly though the retailer, your information can be tracked.

If the offer is tracked, the cashback site will pay you a percentage of what they earn.

Offers, deals and vouchers can vary from site to site. Using cashback sites can take some patience, but the results are worth it. Customers can shop, compare deals, earn rewards and decide which ones they would like to take advantage of.

The cashback sites offer hundreds, if not thousands, of retail partners to choose from. This will ensure the customer will make savings in whatever area they choose to shop.


Quidco Account Types

Quidco-account types

Quidco offers two plans. The basic membership is free to sign-up, and then there is the premium membership. This plan costs £5 a year.

If the customer chooses to join the premium membership, you can expect to have access to a wider range of deals, higher cash returns, better promotions and lottery drawings. There are also prize drawings every month, where the customer can take part in prize of up to £250.

If you’re a frequent shopper, Quidco states you can expect to save up £300 per year, if you use their services on a regular basis.

The £5 annual fee can be removed from your cashback rewards, meaning you do not have to pay upfront for your membership fee. Although, this will result in you waiting a bit longer to receive your rewards.


How Does Quidco Work?

Quidco offers a few ways to accept your cash rewards. The site encourages its members to accept rewards in the form of gift cards to major retailers, including Amazon, Argos, and others.

The gift cards are higher cash rewards for members, rather than if they opted to request a direct deposit into their bank account. These increases can range up to 15 per cent difference, making it a significant way to earn more rewards.

Quidco also has opportunities for its members to earn cash back in physical retail outlets. It partners with more than 25 retailers to let members earn cashback rewards in store. This gives the customers chance to earn more money back while shopping in person.

With all these deals and offers to save more money, members can make a significant amount back on their purchases.

To utilise cashback, apart from signing-up, you will not be going out of your way to save money. Just check up on the offers and deals, then see if what you’re looking to purchase is available through Quidco.


Quidco Retailers

Quidco-retailersHow much can you make on Quidco, and how long Does it take to receive your rewards?

Savings vary on Quidco. Remember, they’re site partners with thousands of retailers, and it depends on each one of them and the deals they offer.

Some purchases may only qualify for just 1% cashback, while others may be 10% or more. It all depends on the retailer and what they offer.

The pay-out amount and the time it takes to receive your cash reward, depends directly on the retailer. Different retailers, have different policies, and ways of managing their cashback rewards to customers. So, it may take up to several months before you receive your rewards, or it may be much quicker (depending on the retailer).

Some people may not like the wait for their rewards. Others are not fussed, as they are shopping for products they would be purchasing anyway.


Alternative ways to save money

One unique aspect of Quidco is the opportunity to earn cashback rewards in person and in store, as well as via a mobile app.

If you give Quidco access to your bank card details, purchases will be tracked and your account will be credited with rewards, whenever you make a purchase through an affiliated retailer. You can earn cashback in person at a physical store, rather than just online.


Cashback on Food Shopping/Clicksnap

Quidco-clicksnapThrough the Clicksnap app (available on most app stores), Quidco also offers opportunities to earn cashback rewards on items bought from grocery stores.

If the site is offering a deal on a particular item, all you must do is check on the mobile app. From there, it is easy to accept the offer and then provide proof of purchase with a picture of your receipt.

It’s an easy way to save more money, while doing your regular shopping at the supermarket.

Quidco also offers a points reward system, where virtual ‘coins’ can be redeemed for cash rewards. Some retailers offer coin rewards when you use their business. Quidco offers a way to turn those coins or points into cash.


Quidco Mobile AppQuidco-mobile app

The site also offers a cashback reminder tool for your smartphone. This works by sending you a notification when certain deals become available. This ensures that you’re aware of offers that are important to you, so you can take advantage of them.

On top of this, members can also opt for how they would like to receive their cash rewards, including through direct deposit, PayPal, or gift cards to major retailers.


Trustpilot reviews

Quidco has excellent reviews on Trustpilot, which I can confirm from my own experience using the site.



Disadvantages of Using Quidco?

As I mentioned above, receiving your cash rewards may take a long time. For some people, this can be a disadvantage. However, if you are willing to wait, you can expect to recieve rewards for purchases you were going to make anyway.

It is important to make sure you’re familiar with the terms of every purchase you make via Quidco. Not doing so could mean you do not get the deal you expected. But, if you read the details of the promotion, and the requirements before making your purchase, you can shop without worrying.


Quidco Review – Final thought

Cashback sites are not for everyone. However, if you are interested in making money on purchases you had already planned to make, Quidco is the site for you.

It’s consistently ranked as one of the top two cashback sites in the UK, offering thousands of daily deals and opportunities to its members. It’s also secure, and is an excellent user-friendly site.

If you’re interested in earning money with everyday purchases, you were going to make anyway, then this is the site for you.

If you have any questions or comments about this Quidco review, then please leave them below.

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