Can you imagine a website/app where you could access current online deals, freebies, vouchers, competitions and more from retailers? is exactly that, and it’s completely free!

Rather than shifting through tonnes of online companies yourself, you can access it all here. Once you click on a deal that grabs your attention, you will be redirected to the retailer’s website.

This site has a massive community of over 1 million like-minded bargain hunters who share their findings on Latest Deals.

With constant new information being added by its members, this is the place to be to find deals upon deals on one website.

This site is one for the shopaholics out there, and also the people who enjoy saving money on their purchases. There are so many other handy features available, such as tool generators, which I will explain in more detail further down.

Members earn points for sharing information to Latest Deals, which can be redeemed into Amazon vouchers.

Sounds great right?

If would like to find out more about this excellent website/app then read on.


What is Latest Deals?

Latest Deals is a free-to-join website/app where members can add deals from across the internet for other members to view. This website is a massive community of over 1 million deal hunters.

Below is an example of the main page on the website:

For adding a deal, a member can expect to earn 100 points.

This website isn’t just about sharing the deals though, the points for sharing information process relates to the other topics such as vouchers, freebies and competitions.

The full breakdown of the points members can earn can be found below:

  • Sharing a deal 100 points 3 deals per day
  • Sharing a voucher 50 points 3 vouchers per day
  • Sharing a freebie 10 points 3 freebies per day
  • Sharing a competition 10 points 3 competitions per day

You can also earn points for the following when on the website:

  • Commenting posts
  • Liking posts
  • Reporting posts that have expired
  • Writing reviews & much more!

As you can see there are many ways to earn points.

Once members have gathered enough points, they can be converted into an Amazon giftcard that matches the points members have earned.

Below is an example of the points members would need to earn for the various Amazon giftcards:

  • 5,000 points £5 Amazon Voucher
  • 15,000 points £10 Amazon Voucher
  • 50,000 points £35 Amazon Voucher
  • 100,000 points £50 Amazon Voucher

This website is brilliant for the exclusive deals, vouchers, freebies and competitions, the points you can earn for Amazon giftcards is an added bonus for me.

Latest Deals also has an app available; members will need the app to use the ‘Supermarket Price Comparison’ tool. The app is available to download from Latest Deals.

I will now go into more detail about the different sections of the website, and examples of what is has to offer.



There is a ‘Deals’ as well as ‘Flash’ deals section. All of these are shared by the members of the site, and can be pretty much any item or product. From beds, to clothes, to food, to electronics, it can be literally anything.

Below is an example of the deals available on Latest Deals:

LatestDeals - Deals

It’s the same process with the retailers, it could be a deal from any trusted company. You will regularly see big-names such as Amazon, Argos, Currys as well as the smaller ones.



These are exactly what they are, a Freebie. Members have gathered freebies they have come across while online, and share them with the site. You may have to join a free-trial for example, but members will never have to pay anything for these, that is against Latest Deals’s guidelines and rules.

Below is an example of the freebie’s available on Latest Deals:

LatestDeals - Freebies

The full details of each ‘Freebie’ will be explained when members click on it.




These competitions are again shared by the members. They can literally be to win anything. Just browsing the competitions, I can see prizes to win £500 in cash, a fridge, a box of chocolates and an iPhone 11 Pro.

Below is an example of the competitions available to enter on Latest Deals::

LatestDeals - Competitons

These are legit competitions and full details to enter will be explained when members click on it.

Great for those members like to try their luck at winning something!



The vouchers are what members have come across while being online and shared to the Latest Deals website. Majority of time they will be a deal like 25% off a retailer. But there will also be other options such as free next day delivery when making a purchase.

Below is an example of the vouchers available on Latest Deals:

LatestDeals - Vouchers

All details of these vouchers will be explained when members select it.

Just browsing I can see great savings in this section!



There are tonnes of retailers on Latest Deals. You can use this feature to search for the company members require. It also has every retailer by alphabetic order.

Below is an example of the retailers that are available to search for:

LatestDeals - Retailers

Just by browsing members can see there is the massive names available, and to be honest others I have never heard of.


Domino’s pizza voucher finder tool

With this tool members can put in your post code and Latest Deals will find your local Dominos store. Once they know which store is delivering to members, they will automatically check hundreds of codes.

Below is an example of this tool from Latest Deals:

LatestDeals - Tool 1

You will get 100% working codes that do exactly what they say on the tin.

Not a fan of pizza myself, but great for those who are!


Amazon discount finder tool

With this tool, Latest Deals will make use of hidden filters and options on Amazon to show members products with the biggest savings. You just need to choose your options in the discount filter, hit “search” and they will open Amazon up on a new window with all your results.

Below is example of this tool from the Latest Deals website:

LatestDeals - Tool 2


Amazon free delivery tool

Amazon will only deliver your items for free if members spend a minimum of £20. To qualify for free shipping your basket has to be worth at least £20 from products sold directly by Amazon.

Below is example of this tool from Latest Deals:

LatestDeals - Tool 3

The Amazon Free Shipping tool helps members find low cost add-on items to make your basket up to £20 and qualify members for super saver delivery.


Supermarket price comparison tool

This tool is only available through the app, and it will give members the chance to save money with your grocery shopping by finding the cheapest prices throughout the supermarkets on a product members search for.

Below is an example of this tool from the Latest Deals app:

LatestDeals - Supermarket

This is an excellent tool and will definitely come in handy when looking to save those extra pennies.


Stock checker tool

Latest Deals automatically check all of the retailer’s websites every minute of the day. As soon as stock is detected, they update the website to let everyone know.

Once members select a product, for this is example I searched for the Nintendo Switch.

Below is example of this tool from Latest Deals:

LatestDeals - Stock checker

By tracking stock automatically like this they save members the hassle of manually refreshing shop pages hunting for stock.



This section allows members to search for an item by product.

Below is an example of these:

LatestDeals - Tags



This is a community board where members can discuss the latest deals and pretty much any subject, they like to be fair. The chat board is moderated, but there is topics for all-sorts when taking a quick glance.


Refer a friend

For every friend/family referral to Latest Deals that reaches 150 points members can earn 250 points. Make sure members send your friends the unique link though, this is available through the dashboard.



This section will have articles on people and how they have saved money. They will also be information such as people sharing their tips on saving money with shopping.

There’s lots of good and useful information on there. – Final thought

There is so much information available on this website/app, it’s unbelievable that it’s free. There is no hidden catch, it’s just huge community of people sharing their deals, bargains, competitions, vouchers, freebies and more.

There is nothing to lose here, if you’re a keen shopper looking to save some money then this will be a great website/app for you.

Any questions then please leave them below.

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