In this Amazon Fire For Kids Unlimited review, I will covering everything about the service, and what it has to offer.

Amazon Fire For Kids is accessible if you’re the owner of either an Amazon Fire tablet or Kindle (as per picture below). This service offers books, films, TV shows, games and other informative apps in their thousands with children in mind, giving parent’s peace of mind that their children are entering into a safe digital space.


Amazon is currently offering a one month FREE TRIAL for Fire For Kids Unlimited subscription..

At a stressful time where parents are working from home while children are off school, Amazons offer on their highly rated Fire For Kids Unlimited couldn’t come at better time.

This offer is available for all Amazon Prime and non-Prime members.


How it works

Let me break it down for you about Amazon Fire For Kids.

If you were to subscribe to this service, you and your kids would have access to thousands of child-friendly content such as:

  • Educational books
  • Educational tools
  • Audiobooks
  • Movies
  • TV-shows
  • Games

All this content is accessed via over 5,000 apps. These apps can be downloaded to use, and the format of Amazon Fire for Kids allows you control and restrict what you child can gain access to.

This is one of Amazon’s lesser known subscriptions services, but given the period we are in with children having to spend more time than ever in the house, it would be a great idea for parents to take a look at this service, and see it could be of any benefit for them and their children. And let’s be honest, at £0.99 for 3 months, you have nothing to lose.


Let’s now go into more detail.

As mentioned, Amazon Fire for Kids Unlimited is a subscription service that gives your kids access to a world of child-friendly content, including thousands of educational apps, books, audio-books, games, movies and TV shows.

The Content is divided into three children age categories:

  • 3 to 5
  • 6 to 8
  • 9 to 12

With the subscription you can create up to four different child profiles, and switch between your children to ensure the apps and info is saved to that particular profile.

Amazon Fire For Kids - TV shows

The content on Amazon Fire for Kids is sourced from various high-profile, big-names, such as Disney, Lego, CBeebies, Nickelodeon and Warner Brothers.


Available on the go

Download your child’s favourite content for access even when you don’t have Wi-Fi. When an Internet connection is unavailable, your child will automatically see available content that has been downloaded to their profile. You can temporarily download a limited number of video titles across devices linked to your Fire for Kids Unlimited subscription.


Kid-safe browser

A kid-friendly web browsing experience keeps out inappropriate content by using our own expertise to curate thousands of websites and videos.


No commitments

You can cancel your free trial or monthly subscription at any time by simply visiting or by visiting


Parent dashboard

Discover the books, videos, educational apps, Audible books, and games kids enjoy in Fire for Kids through Parent Dashboard. Also gain access to child activity and manage settings that include adding content from your personal library, setting daily time limits, modifying web browser behaviour, pausing the device, and more.

Other features of the parent dashboard are explained below:

Time limits

Limiting your child’s screen time can be challenging without the proper tools. Fire for Kids lets parents set daily limits, or restrict certain categories – like apps and video – while leaving unlimited time for reading.

Learn first (Educational goals)

With Learn First, parents can block access to games and cartoons until after educational goals are met. For devices with the Bedtime feature enabled, parents can control when Fire for Kids shuts down for the day

No Surprises

While in Fire for Kids Unlimited, kids don’t have access to social media and can’t make in-app purchases without parental approvals.

Age filter

Fire for Kids Age Filters ensure that your child sees age-appropriate content within Fire for Kids Unlimited. Parents can also adjust Age Filter settings to tailor the experience for each child.


How much does it cost?

So how much does Amazon Fire for Kids Unlimited cost?

Once the one month free trial is up, then the plan will continue with the following fees:

Fire for Kids Unlimited Single Child Family Plan (Up to four children)
Monthly £3.99 £7.99
Monthly for Prime members £1.99 £4.99
One-year plan £79
One-year plan for Prime members £49


Amazon Fire For Kids Unlimited review – Final thought

Overall, Amazon’s Fire For Kids is an excellent platform for children to be entertained or used as an educational tool, or both. There is huge range of content to choose from well-known children entertainment and educational sources.

With the kids being off school due to a global pandemic, now would be a great time to take advantage of the one month free trial. If you don’t want to keep the subscription, it can be simply cancelled at any time, so you have nothing to lose by joining and trying it out.