When people are looking to earn additional income online, survey sites are one of the most popular options that you will stumble across. There are many survey sites out there, and a lot of them are a waste of time.

I have a lot of experience with these sites, so I’m familiar with what’s good and the ones to avoid.

Completing surveys can be a frustrating experience. Firstly, you need to find a reliable site that isn’t going to waste your time, and even with a good site you have to qualify for a survey. The qualifying process can be frustrating, it could take you one attempt to qualify for a survey, or it might take you eight. It all depends on how your profile fits to the surveys that are available at the time.

The key to completing surveys is to shut off from everything and just focus on the task ahead (I used to put music on as well), then put aside an hour and just keep at it, this way the money soon builds up.

If you sign up to multiple reliable survey sites, there will be plenty opportunities to build up your earnings and make decent money.

The money isn’t brilliant for completing surveys, but you are being paid to give your opinion from the comfort of your home. It’s good for what it is, some extra income on the side.

The site I will be reviewing today is Surveytime. I will be digging into all the details about this site and what it has to offer.

So, is Surveytime legit? In my opinion it is one the best survey sites out there, and if you read on, I will tell you exactly why that is.

In this guide I will talk through some tips that will be of help to you when budgeting for Christmas.



What is Surveytime?


Surveytime is a website where members can log-in at anytime to complete a survey. This is a unique survey site, because as soon as you complete a survey, the payment is paid instantly into your PayPal account (or the payment method you prefer).

Surveytime is new to scene, with it being established in 2018, although its popularity is rising fast among savvy online users, who like to make some extra money on the side.


Signing up to SurveyTime

Surveytime is completely free to sign-up and anyone above the age of 13 can do so.

By clicking the below, you can join Surveytime for free:



How to complete surveys?

Completing surveys is very simple with this site. All you have to do is click on the “START NOW” button on the home screen of the site.


Once you select this option you will be then be redirected to some screening questions that will find a survey suitable for you profile. These questions will be things such as your age, your vocation or whether you have children. Surveytime will then find you a suitable survey and redirect to an external site where you can then begin answering the questions.


The surveys can range from all sorts topics. From cars, to TV shows, movies, food, drink, restaurants, literally anything. Generally, from my experience they take 10 – 15 minutes to complete, although on the odd occasion they may take longer.

Surveytime will also send you regular notifications by email when a survey becomes available for your profile, although this option can be amended if you wish not to receive them.

Top tip:

The key to maximising your earnings is to be consistent and persistent. Set aside an hour or two where you just focus on the task and just keep trying different surveys, the money will soon start to build up.


Qualifying for a survey to complete can sometimes be frustrating. You need to be consistent and keep at it. It may take you once to quality or it may take you more, it all depends on the selection available at the time.

When you complete a survey, you will then be able to rate the survey, as in the example below:


Once you get a good run together of completed surveys, the money soon starts to build up.



Payment for completing a survey is a straight up fee of $1. This is very good compared to other sites and you will struggle to find one that pays more. Whether the survey is 3 minutes long, or 15 minutes, the pay is the same.

The great and unique thing about Surveytime compared to other survey sites, is the payment method. They pay you instantly after you finish the survey and payment arrives in your chosen payment account within minutes.

As far as I am aware, no other survey site does this. Most other sites have a minimum amount you have to reach before withdrawal, and even then, the payment can take a few days to hit your account.

The payment  methods available are found below:



Affiliate programme

Surveytime has an affiliate programme, where you can give your friends and family your unique link to the site. If someone joins through your link and completes and survey, you earn $1. This is a great way to earn some money by simply sharing the site.


You have to apply for this programme, and you do so by simply clicking on “Affiliates” at the bottom of the home page on Surveytime.


Is Surveytime legit?

Surveytime is certainly legit. I have used this site many times in past and every time it has delivered. The payment process is fast and they pay you after completion of every survey. This site is a no brainer if you are looking to make some extra cash in your spare time.



Surveytime has excellent reviews from users on Trustpilot, as you can see from the below example. This is a survey site that is held in high regard from savvy people that are looking to make extra income online.



Is Surveytime legit? Final thoughts

Overall Surveytime is great website to make some extra cash in your spare time. I have tried and tested many of these type of sites in the past and this is definitely up there with the best.

It is simple to use, the surveys don’t take long to complete and the payment method is among the best out there.

If you’re looking for fast cash into your account by completing surveys, then Surveytime is definitely worth a try at least. With the payment per survey being a flat fee of $1, the money soon starts to build up.

My advice is to put some music on, shut off from the world and put aside an hour to just focus on the task ahead. The more surveys you complete, the more you will qualify for.

You will never get rich from completing surveys, you’re being paid to answer questions from the comfort of you home. But you can make some decent additional income on the side, and for that Surveytime is one of best I have come across.

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