20Cogs is a website where you can earn some extra cash by completing offers, surveys, new customer promotions and more in your spare time.

Each Cog has a different offer available which you can choose to complete, with each one varying in type and how much you can earn.

I joined 20Cogs back in Feb 2020, where I completed an offer on every cog and cashed out with a payment of £118 (proof is further down in the post).

I thought this website was a scam when starting, but it certainly isn’t. It works like this, by completing an offer through the 20Cogs website they earn a commission for directing you to the company running the offer, then 20Cogs pay you a piece of the pie.

It’s as easy as that!

I had some fun will completing the 20Cogs, it was something completely different to what I had do before online to make money.

In this review I will be covering all aspects of 20Cogs and what it has to offer. You can then decide if you will take advantage of the offers and make some money like I did. Some of the new offers and services I was introduced to were great as well, which was a nice bonus.

Is 20Cogs legit? It certainly is, see my earnings below – Also, by joining 20Cogs you will receive a £5 NEW CUSTOMER BONUS.



Free and easy way to earn money online

20Cogs is completely free to join, and you will received a £5 welcome bonus just to get you started. There’s no hidden catch, it’s just a fun and interesting way to earn money.


What is 20Cogs?20Cogs-logo

20Cogs is website where you can earn money by completing offers. When I first joined, I was not sure what to expect, as this was a completely different way of making money, than I had done before. The concept behind it was very interesting.

It’s a different approach to earn money online, and the idea had me hooked from the get-go.

Let me explain how it works.

The idea behind 20Cogs is that you sign up to offers through affiliate links from the 20Cogs website, such as surveys, gaming, shopping, gambling sites, the list goes on.

This is known as affiliate marketing, and it’s a popular way of making money on the internet.

What offers you complete depends on you. I spoke to people who have made £200 onward, I personally completed the basic offers and took away £118.

Many of the websites you sign-up to are free trials, but there are some that will require you to pay or deposition cash (such as betting offers). You will still make a profit with these, because of the commission.

For example, I joined Coral (betting website), deposited £5 and placed a bet, and once the offer was confirmed I was paid £15. You can choose not to sign-up to websites/services that require payment.


Offers available through 20Cogs

There are 20 cogs with multiple offers, once you complete an offer on all 20 of the cogs, the cog then turns green, and you can then cash out.

As I mentioned above, the multiple offers available on each cog will be made up of:

  • Surveys
  • Competitions
  • Gaming
  • Shopping
  • Gambling sites

Those are just a few, the list goes on.

If none of the available offers look appealing to you, you can wait a few days until new offers are added, as they are added on a regular basis

You can sign-up to gambling sites, join a variety of free trials (just make sure to take note of the dates for the free trials, so you don’t get charged after 30 days), sign-up to service sites or enter competitions.

There are plenty of options, so you are not forced to sign-up to websites/services you do not feel comfortable in joining.


How much money can I make?

How much money you can make all depends on how many offers, and what offers you take. Personally, I earned £118, but that was pretty much taking the basic standard offers.

20Cogs state the average member earns £200 on average, and I’ve heard of people earning more than that.

So, it all depends on what you put into effort wise. I earned £118 with minimal effort. If you complete multiple offers on each cog, you could potentially earn much more.

Please see below proof of my earnings:


Is it legit?

20Cogs has excellent reviews on Trustpilot that vouch for its credibility. It is hard to find negative feedback, which I can vouch for from my own experience with 20Cogs as well.


Trustpilot review

20Cogs has excellent reviews on Trustpilot, as stated below:20Cogs-Trustpilot


20Cogs dashboard



On the left-side is your earnings and your current progress. Each cog will turn amber once the offer has been tracked, then green once it’s been confirmed (this can take up 30 days).

On the right-side is the details for your selected offer. Within each cog, there are multiple offers available, once you complete an offer, you can then move onto the next cog.

If you want to accept the selected offer, simply click ‘earn £5.00’. The amount varies with each offer.

Once you have completed all 20Cogs, simply wait until they turn green and then withdraw your cash.


Payment and personal data


20Cogs will ask for a minimal amount of personal data. You will need to enter your name  as well as your email address when signing-up. 20Cogs will require your bank details once you have completed all 20 cogs, or you can choose to receive payment into your PayPal accounts.

Payments are made every Mon, Wed and Fri. I requested my payment Monday morning, and received it into my PayPal account a few hours later.


Tracking of offers

Similar to cashback websites, some offers may not track, and 20cogs is no different to those sites.

Several of my offers did not track, but all you have to do is create a ticket with the helpdesk. Ensure you keep all confirmation emails from the offers you joined, and screenshots of the websites all come in handy too. All the information you need is on the 20Cogs website.


Is 20Cogs legit? Final thoughts

It is indeed legit. 20Cogs is an excellent platform to earn some extra cash. It doesn’t require much effort, the more you put into it, the more financially you will earn from it.

My experience with this website was very good. From the offers available, to the help-desk, who were excellent at rectifying any issues I had in a quick, efficient manner.

Once all cogs were complete, the payment was prompt, and It was paid into my PayPal account the same morning.

The only downside I would say is, once the cogs are complete, you cannot complete them again. Although after completion, a 21st cog then opens, with offers available to complete on a regular basis.

Overall, it’s a brilliant website, and I would definitely recommend 20Cogs to anyone looking to make some money online.

If this sounds appealing to you, then join this excellent website and earn some money.

If you have any questions with the above, then please leave them below.

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