Do you feel stuck in life? Do you start your mornings feeling fed up and already tired of the day ahead? Do you often ask yourself how to change your life completely?

Ever found yourself in what might seem like a downward spiral or a rut, where you just can’t seem to understand where your efforts and attempts at keeping your life joyful go?

A few years ago, I found myself in one of those ruts. After spinning my wheels for quite some time, I realised my so-called attempts at improving my circumstances were a farce—I was just exhausting my energy waiting for a saviour to come to my rescue.

It finally dawned on me that I am my own saviour and it was up to me to change my perception of life. The choice was mine to change my situation or live life every day in misery.

Life doesn’t have to be a constant chore or a drag. It can be a wonderful journey I’ve found. Here are 10 ways on how change your life for the better.



How to Change your Life for the Better – Simple Guide

Move your body every day

Any time you look up how you can improve your life, exercise will be near the top of the list.

If you’ve been avoiding making exercise a consistent part of your life, this may be slightly irritating. But the reason it pops up over and over again no matter where you look is because it matters.

Your body releases endorphins when you get your blood pumping. It makes you feel euphoric. It reduces stress and boosts your immune system. You feel good after you exercise and with the boost in happiness and energy, you are ready to show up for the world.

Challenging your body’s physical limits also helps you challenge your mind’s mental limits.

You will know you have what it takes to achieve crazy goals, because you had what it took to do that 50th press-up. You become stronger physically and mentally, and then you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Many people have a complex relationship with their weight, body image, and the word exercise; but it doesn’t have to be so hard.


Set a goal of moving your body for 30 minutes every day.

  • Walk your dog
  • Do yoga
  • Lift weights
  • Go for a run
  • Hike in the forest
  • Jump on the trampoline with your kids
  • Take a dance class

You don’t need a gym membership or a personal trainer. You just need to find a way of moving your body that feels good to you and do it consistently. Find one thing, try it for a week, and switch it up if it doesn’t feel right.

If you’re not ready for 30 minutes, start with 5. Build the habit of taking time to exercise and increase as you grow more accustomed to it.

If you want to live a happy and fulfilling life full of energy and purpose, taking your physical health seriously is a big part of that.

It was one of the harder habits for me to build, but it was definitely the most impactful of all the things on this list. So, find an accountability buddy and get moving. Track your exercise in an app (I use FitBit). Set a small goal that you can achieve and build up from there.

And don’t worry about the weight. It’s easy to get frustrated and give up when the scale isn’t moving, but exercise is not about the weight!

Exercise is about boosting your energy, your mood, and your lifespan. 

It is not about dropping 10 pounds or getting back your high school body.

Top tip:

Exercise is great for your mental health! See this article from Mind for more information.



Start meditating

I remember when I started meditating sitting for 7 minutes was excruciatingly painful. Now I sit for 30/40 minutes and I love it (mostly).

Meditation was the doorway to so many new things for me. It taught me to be more present in my daily life. It taught me to witness or observe my thoughts and feelings instead of getting hooked by them. It taught me to hear my own soul speak.

I knew my meditation practice was making a difference with how I am in my everyday life. I once had a short fuse and temper, but now I am a more peaceful person.

It has had a massive impact on my life.

Instead of having emotional meltdowns, over certain situations, I feel complete peace. I smile joyfully and takes things in my flow.

That is the power of meditation. It naturally turns you into a calmer, more peaceful person. Make it a part of your daily routine.

Top tip:

The below channels on YouTube are great for guided meditations;

If you want to learn about meditation, the follow channel is excellent:

If you’re interested in learning more in-depth about meditation, then the below books are excellent:



Early morning routine

Never underestimate the power of a solid morning routine.

A morning routine not only sets your day up for success, but if planned accordingly, it can create additional time in your day to work towards your goals.

This is the magic about mornings.

The time is yours, because it’s happening before the busyness of the day hits.

Beginning a morning routine is one of the most important habits to start right now.

Waking up early is tough (I’m not really a fan either), but it is so worth it.

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Forgive yourself

We are all human beings and that means that no-one is perfect. No-one goes through life and never makes a mistake because if they did, they would lose the very essence of what makes them even.

This year, it’s time to move beyond the mistakes you’ve made in the past and move on with your life.

Many times, we hold onto these mistakes without understanding just how much they hold us back. It’s time to accept that they happened, learn from them and go on with your life.


Practice Mindfulness

When you put Mindfulness into practice it will change your life massively!

I can’t explain how much this practice has changed my life. When you’re mindful your life will transform massively.

By living in the present moment, you become at peace with your past thoughts and illusions made up in your mind.


Observe your thoughts, become at peace with them, take away the emotional attachment.

When you find your mind wandering, revert back to the present moment.

The more you live in the present moment, the mind quickly loses control over you. The mind is a tool that should be working for you, not controlling you.

This takes a lot of practice, as your mind has spent so many years in control. The mind has been projecting its illusions on you all your life.

Purchase a book, research it on

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Top tips:

Some great channels that I use for mindfulness videos, are the following:

I also recommend the following books to read:



Set goals

We all tend to have a vision for our life. What does that look like for you? What do you dream of doing?

I know you have something in mind you’ve always wanted to try but have been too afraid to get started.

Is it starting an online business? Is it a career change? Give this one some thought.

It’s time to think about what you truly want out of life and go after it.

It’s never the perfect time, and waiting for the perfect time will keep you from ever starting.

Identify the goals you have for your life, figure out a huge list of actions needed to accomplish these goals, and GET STARTED.

Setting goals is a life improving habit you need start right now. Don’t keep putting it off.

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Focus on growth

It is often failure that can stop you in your tracks however, replacing the word failure with feedback completely transforms your experience.

Any time you feel you are not successful it is feedback you are receiving from what you have done.

What can you learn from this opportunity?

How can you change your approach in the future? What can you do better next time?

This is what is called a growth mindset.

Knowing that you might not be there yet but you are learning and growing in the process is an excellent mindset to hold.


Rather than feeling restricted by limited talent or ability, you know that with growth and learning you are limitless.

Therefore, focusing on growth will result in an improved mindset and changed behaviour.

You’ll be more prepared and motivated to take on challenges and see your potential in the results.

Whatever result you obtain; you can learn from them and continually improve on them.

This kind of mindset opens you up to a new perspective in experiences and the opportunities around you.

You may find that you even seek out new opportunities as you see the potential of expanding your knowledge and growing into your best self.

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Practice gratitude

Whenever you focus on gratitude you instantly shift to a positive mindset. No matter what is going on in your life, you have the power to shift your focus to gratitude.

I also encourage the use of a gratitude journal – Every day write down or even just note in your mind at the end of each day, focus on everything you’re grateful for in your life and also how those things impact your life. Always aim for at least 3 things.


Here’s some examples from my own journal:

  • I am grateful for the increase in traffic to my website today
  • I am grateful for the nice walk I had with Jo and Alfie (the dog) today
  • I am grateful for seeing the twins today

Try to make your gratitude note specific to today. So rather than me writing I’m so grateful for everyone who visits my website. I would write, I’m so grateful for all of the people who visited my website today, and I’m especially grateful for the lady who took the time to leave a message saying how helpful my post was to her.

I find practicing gratitude helps you appreciated the small things in life that often get overlooked.




You don’t know how much decluttering your life can change your world until you do it. You can declutter your home of all broken, old, and useless items.

Your home will be more spacious, which will allow you to enjoy it more. Organize the items that are left and you’ll be amazed at the difference. There are other areas of your life that you can declutter also.

Do you have apps on your phone that you never use anymore? Delete them! Don’t replace them with more apps though. Only keep the apps you use on a regular basis. This will save you so much time. You can also declutter your social media and friends lists. Focus on the people who really matter to you.


Spend less time on social media/internet 

With the advancement of technology this day, people tend to spend more time on social media than real people.

Social media has taken over the world, people tend to use it for different things. Social media and the internet have made so many people rich but let’s not forget the fact that it has made some not useful.

People spend hours on social media without doing anything. Spend less time on social media and you will see the result you get on a daily basis.

If you have something important to do, I will advise you to get rid of or delete the apps and focus on your business. Use social media in your spare time when you are not using it for business.


Ditch the negative people

Negative people are toxic to your life. They will bring down your mood and try to kill your dreams. We all have struggles in our lives, but some people live their life in victim mode. You don’t need this kind of person in your life.

Surround yourself with happy and optimistic people. These aren’t people who act like life is always puppies and rainbows. Optimistic people still have bad days now and then. They know things will get better though.

Negative people complain about anything and everything. When you ditch the negative people in your life you will feel a great sense of relief.


Read more self-help books

I just can’t stress it enough, no one can deny the major benefits of self-help books to improve the quality of life, I’m personally addicted to self-development books.Self-help books are life changing, and the best type of books to help you improve your life!

The fact that something someone wrote has the power to change the way I do things just gets me. I get fired up just typing about it.


How to Change your Life for the Better – Final thought

I am so much happier this year than I’ve ever been. Part of this is because I’ve intentionally made some big changes in my work, who I surround myself with, and how I spend my time. But a lot of it is just because I picked up a few habits here and there that made me happier, more energetic, and more mindful.

If you’re looking to change your life, I hope you’ve found some inspiration and I hope that you start today.

What are your tips for a better life?

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