Survey sites are an easy way to make a bit of money on the side, if you find a decent one that is. There are many bad ones online, trust me when I say I’ve tried and tested many of these myself. I have good knowledge about these sites, and what they’re all about, and the best ones to avoid.

When I was jobless, I spent a lot of time shifting through the good and the bad, hoping to earn some extra money to make life that little bit easier financially. Even the good survey sites can be frustrating, the qualifying process takes patience. You may only qualify for one survey out of eight, even then you might be kicked out if your profile doesn’t match the survey.

The key is to shut off mentally for any an hour or two and consistently try them. I would put my music on, shut-off and just focus on surveys for a few hours. This way you will get together a run of completed surveys and the money soon builds up.

You will never become rich from these, you’re being paid to answer questions from the comfort of your home. It is what it is, some additional money to help you out.

GCloot is a rising name in the online survey scene, and the members are growing by the day. Is GCloot legit? It’s one of the better survey sites out there for sure, and in this review, I will explain exactly why that is.


What is GCloot?GCloot

GCloot is a site where you can earn points for completing surveys, offers and watching videos. The points you earn from completing one of these tasks can be converted into giftcards or cash paid directly into you PayPal account.

The points system is simple, 1000 points = $1.

GCloot was founded in 2010 and is becoming a more popular name amongst users who complete surveys online.

This website is suited to all devices, although I use to use my phone or laptop.

Now, let’s break down GCloot and go into more detail of the website.



GCloot will email you surveys, but you can attempt to complete one from the website at any time. There is a wide variety of surveys to choose from, all varying with a different range of points to earn.

I had the most success with ‘Your Surveys Unlimited Survey Router’. When you complete this survey, you can expect to receive 1000 points ($1).

Below is an example of the surveys available to complete:

GCloot surveys

Once you qualify for a survey, the average time to complete one is 10 – 20 minutes. The more surveys you complete, the better your quality score will become, meaning you will qualify for more surveys.

It’s a frustrating process sometimes, and as mentioned before, you might only qualify for one out of eight attempts, or you could qualify for more. It all depends on what surveys your profile matches at the time.

The surveys can be a varied range of subjects, from children’s TV shows to mobile phones. The survey can literally be about any subject.


Offer walls

The offer walls have a wide range of various ways to make money. You can earn points for playing games, new customer offers with online companies, placing a bet, online casino, the list goes on.

Below is an example of the offer walls available to complete:

GCloot offers 1

Again, the amount you can earn depends on the offer. These can pay out good money for a particular offer, such as casino.

Below is an example of the offers available to complete:

GCloot offers

When you select an offer, it will direct you to an external website, then once you complete the offer, the points earned will track back to your GCloot account.

Offers are good for doing in-between completing surveys, to bump up your earnings.



You can earn points by watching videos. Although, the points you would receive for this is low, so you would need to decide if it’s worth your time.

To watch videos, you will be diverted to an external website called Hideout TV. From here you can watch short videos on various subjects, and these videos have ads.

Below is an example of the videos available to watch:

GCloot videos

You cannot skip the video and must watch the video in full. Again, these are low paid, so don’t expect much in return.


Payment/Reward store

Your points can be redeemed into giftcards or cash. The minimum withdrawal for cash is a $5 PayPal payment, which is 5000 points. For people from countries not using the $, don’t worry PayPal will convert the cash into your national currency.

Below is an example of the giftcards available:

GCloot rewards

So, all you need to complete is 5 x 1000 points surveys, before requesting your earnings to be paid to you. You can expect the payment to hit your PayPal account within 3-5 working days.

The giftcards can vary from Footlocker, Amazon, Asda and various other big-name retailers. The giftcards vary in price, and so do the points it takes to purchase them.

Below is an example of the giftcards available:

GCloot rewards 2

When I was completing surveys with this site, I preferred the cash by PayPal option. 5 x 1000-point surveys complete, $5 earned. Simple.


Referral scheme

You can share your unique referral link with friends and family and you’ll earn points when they reach 1000 points. In addition, they’ll earn 500 free points when they sign up with your invite code.

You will be rewarded points based on the countries that referrals are from.


Is GCloot legit?

It certainly is, I have earned and redeemed many $5 and $10 payments into my PayPal account from them. They are becoming more popular and one of the most trusted survey sites out there.


Earnings leader-board

Below is the earnings leader-board for the past 30 days. As you can see, there is some high-earners on the site, not bad for sitting on your couch completing surveys.

GCloot leaderboard


Is GCloot Legit? Final thoughts

GCloot is a good site. Although, with survey sites like this, you will never become rich. It is what it is, a way to earn some extra money on the side. With some effort you could potentially earn $80 – $100 a month from this site, no problem.

Put some music on, shut off from the world and they don’t seem so mundane. The money soon starts to build up. It’s never going to be exciting, but your being paid to answer questions from the comfort of your home.

If you have any questions then please leave them below.

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