How would you feel about the opportunity to win a full refund while making an online purchase? With Boom25 you can do exactly that.

Boom25 is different to cashback sites Quidco and TopCashback. By making a purchase through this cashback site, you have a 1/25 odds of winning all your money back (and even better odds with certain retailers!).

Boom25 is a unique way of earning cashback, they also have an impressive list of retailers such as Amazon and Argos.

If you like what you hear following this review, then join BOOM25 FOR A 1/25 CHANCE OF WINNING 100% CASHBACK BACK ON A PURCHASE.

In this Boom25 review I will be covering all aspects of this website, and what it has to offer. This might just be the cashback site for you.



What exactly is Boom25?

Boom25 is a cashback site, but it’s not like others, it’s unique.

Why is it unique?

The majority of cashback sites offer you a fixed cashback amount, which is usually a small % of the purchase. The amount can vary, but on average it’s 1-5% cashback on an item. Sometimes it can be higher, depending on the retailer and if you’re a new customer.

With Boom25, when you make a purchase, you can potentially earn 100% cashback.

As mentioned above, the chance of this happening is 1/25.

If you’re going to make the purchase anyway, you have nothing to lose.


How Does Boom25 Work? Tracking of purchases

Before you intend to make a purchase through the Boom25 website, with one of it’s partnered retailers, you will first need to login into your Boom25 account.

Cashback sites work in a unique way. Rather than shopping through the retailer’s website, you would access the companies site through Boom25 to make a purchase.

Once you access the retailers website through Boom25, you would carry on with your transaction as normal.

To ensure your cashback is tracked, you need to ensure you follow this process with every purchase.

Once your transaction is tracked and complete, you will be then entered into a draw with Boom25, where every 25th customer will win 100% cashback on their purchase, unless stated otherwise.

While you can win 100% cashback for many retailers, for some, you can only win 50%. It will state this with each retailer, before making your purchase.

No matter the size of the purchase, whether it’s £5 or £5,000, you will win if you’re the 25th person. The maximum cashback you can win is £20,000.


What is cashback available for?

You can get cashback on all sorts of options, below is just a few:

  • Huge range of retails
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Theater tickets
  • Hotels
  • Holidays
  • Tours

and much more…


Search for retailers with Boom25

At the top of the website there is search bar, where you can find the retailer you’re looking for. Although, the more popular companies will be highlighted on the homepage for easier access.

Once selecting the retailers page you wish to make a purchase with, you can check the T&C’s for cashback with that particular company.

As mentioned earlier, this will be where you can check if this is a 100% cashback retailer.


Example of retailer’s page

In the below example, is the Argos page on Boom25:

Boom25 - Argos

In order for your purchase to track back to Boom25, you would simply click the red ‘GO NOW’ button. This will take you to the Argos website, where you can then carry on with your purchase as you would normally do.


How much does it cost to join?

Boom25 is completely free join!



If you sign-up to be a new customer to either Tesco and ASDA via their online stores, you will qualify for the Boom25 on your first purchase.

However, after the initially signing up process and first purchase, you’ll only receive a small bonus, which will show up in the ‘My Bonus’ section, if you win the draw.

Supermarkets generally only offer small cashback amounts, so it wouldn’t be cost effective for them to offer 100% cashback every time you won a draw.


Withdrawing your winnings

Your winnings can only be paid into a PayPal account. Boom25 does not offer the option to be paid in your bank account or any other payment method.

PayPal is free, and easy to set up.

Below are the options available for your payments into your PayPal account:

If you opt for an Instant payout, for the amount of £50-£1000+, you can expect to pay a handling fee of 6-17%. This way you get your money within 2 business days.

If you opt for the standard payout, you can withdraw 100% of your winnings without any fees. The downside to this is, you will have to wait up to 21 days for your payment.


Is Boom25 legit?

Boom25 was founded in 2007, it’s definitely legit.

And the overall feedback would suggest so.


Trustpilot Reviews

Boom25 has excellent user reviews on the Trustpilot, as shown below:

Boom25 - Trustpilot rating

Gift cards

Sometimes when you purchase gift cards, these can also qualify as a winner. This will state in the T&C’s before you purchase one.

Gift cards can also qualify for a small bonus, below is example of a Primark gift card:


Boom25 - Primark giftcard


Boom25 Special Offers

When I joined, I was offered a £4 bonus if I made purchase through Boom25 within 24 hours.

On the occasion, Boom25 will also offer specials deals with certain retailers, where you have a 1/10 in chance of winning the draw for a limited time.

Such offers will be sent to you via email, or will be advertised on the Boom25 website.


Boom25 Mobile App

Boom25 - App

Boom25 also has an excellent user-friendly app, this is available from all popular app stores.

By using the app, you can be notified of any special offers available.

How does Boom25 compare with other cashback sites?

Boom25 certainly has a wide range of options for retailers, and all kinds of entertainment and attractions that you might spend money on.

I tend to use different cashback sites for certain purchases, it’s down to your preference.

The other cashback sites like Topcashback and Quidco are certainly better for cashback on utility bills, financial services and gambling sites offers, deals and promotions.


Boom25 friend referral scheme

Boom25 offers a £5 refer payment bonus for every person you refer to them.

The referred person will have to sign-up to Boom25 via your link, and then make a purchase of £20 for you to qualify.

Once signed up, and the purchase has been made, you can then claim the bonus via your dashboard.


Boom25 Review – Final thought

If you’re looking how to add a bit of excitement into purchases you had already planned to make, then Boom25 is the site for you. With odds of winning the draw 1/25, this is a great oppotnity to win 100% cashback on a purchase.

It is a unique way of earning cashback, with added special offers always available to you. It’s also secure, and has an excellent user-friendly site.

It’s free to sign up, so it’s definitely worth doing your own research to see if Boom25 is right for you.

If you have any questions or comments, then please leave them below.

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