There are many platforms to stream music these days, and while Amazon Music UK doesn’t get the same accolades as Spotify or Apple Music, it’s on the rise, with Amazon stating it has over 55 million customers and is catching its competitors at a rapid rate. Is it the best online music streaming service though?

Lets now look at Amazon Music UK, and what it has to offer.

Spotify, the market leader has reported it has 113 million paying customers (with 248 million monthly users overall), and Apple Music 60 million. So, Amazon Music is quickly chipping away at the lead and very close to its nearest rival with only a few million less subscribers.

Amazon Music is picking up momentum fast, one reason for this is because of its versatility. The service gets to jump on the back of the hugely popular Amazon Prime membership, which is massively popular, and has become a valuable tool for its members everyday lives. The most popular choice amongst Amazon Music users is the Unlimited option.  This option is the main competitor to Spotify and Apple Music.

Amazon are currently doing a deal with this subscription for students, where you get the first 6 MONTHS COMPLETELY FREE.

It is also integrated into the company’s Alexa voice assistant; Amazon Music is optimised for use with the company’s Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo and Dot.

Amazon is gaining customers all the time. International growth is also on rise. From Amazon’s news release:

“Amazon Music has grown nearly 50% year-over-year across the US, UK, Germany, and Japan, and has more than doubled in our newer countries such as France, Italy, Spain, and Mexico.”

The majority of Amazon’s competitors have at most, two plan options, free and paid. But, as we know Amazon doesn’t do things in small measures, they’re hitting the music streaming world hard, hoping to draw in all types of music listeners.

In this review I will looking at the Amazon Music Unlimited Student package, and what it has to offer.


What is Amazon Music Unlimited for Students?

Amazon Music Unlimited for Students is a streaming music subscription, discounted for students that are currently enrolled in a recognised degree-granting university. To verify eligibility for Amazon Music Unlimited for Students, all customers will verify their student status through a third party validation service, SheerID. For more information, go to How to Start an Amazon Music Unlimited Subscription.


How do I qualify for Amazon Music Unlimited for Students?

If you’re a student currently enrolled in a recognised degree-granting university in the UK, you can start the registration process for Amazon Music Unlimited for Students at


As part of the subscription process, you will be asked to provide verification of enrolment. Verification is confirmed with third-party vendor, SheerID. If your student status can’t be automatically verified, you’ll be asked to manually upload enrolment documentation. You must provide one of the following:

• Official Enrolment Letter from your academic institution (acceptance letters will not be approved)

• Class schedule for the current academic term • Registration receipt or tuition receipt

• Transcript that shows classes currently in progress

• Other university issued document that displays your first/last name, an issue date from the current term or within the last three months

If your school is not covered by SheerID, you can request to add it here: Some technical and vocational schools may not qualify for the Amazon Music Unlimited for Students discount.

Once eligibility is confirmed, you will have access to Amazon Music Unlimited. You can use the Student discount for a total of four years with concurrent student enrolment.


If I am already a Prime Student member, do I need to verify my eligibility for Amazon Music Unlimited for Students?

Yes, Amazon Music Unlimited has a different student screening process than what is used for Prime Student.


If I already am an Amazon Music Unlimited subscriber and I am eligible for the Student discount, how do I switch?

You can verify eligibility by visiting your Amazon Music Settings, and selecting the Student discount. This will prompt the SheerID verification process.


Amazon Music Unlimited Student

Now lets look what this package has to offer.

Amazon Music Unlimited Student is a premium music streaming service, that offers listeners a wide variety of features, such as:

Access to over 50 million songs

Including all the latest and greatest artists and albums, as well as thousands of playlists and stations.

New music all the time

The newest releases as soon as they are available.

Ad-free listening

Uninterrupted, high quality audio.

Offline listening

Download your music, so you can listen to your favour songs wherever you are.

Hands-free listening with Alexa

Exclusive voice features compatible with all Alexa enabled products.Amazon - Unlimited AlexaLyrics integration

Amazon Music Unlimited has one of the best lyric integration services available on the music streaming market. They use music AI and knowledge platform Musixmatch to synchronize lyrics with any song you’re playing. Now Amazon Music Unlimited users can learn the words to their new favourite songs or throwbacks.

Amazon product compatibility

Owners of products like the Echo, Echo Dot and Fire TV can communicate with Alexa, who helps users search the entire database by song title, song lyrics or music style.

Amazon Unlimited - info

Amazon Music Unlimited is available on Android and iOS, as well as Mac, Windows, and the company’s own hardware, devices, and speakers.

This is the true Spotify and Apple Music rival, and works out at £9.99 per-month for an annual subscription (or £7.99 for Prime members). With this subscription you can expect to have access to over 50 million songs. According to the company, Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions grew by over 50% in 2019.


Amazon Music Unlimited Student – Final thought

With so many rival services competing in the music streaming industry, it’s important to establish a niche to stand out from the crowd. Amazon has done this by launching the highest sound quality available in the market. This is an attractive option for music purists and anyone who wants to listen to their favourite artists in the clearest audio possible. However, that extra listening pleasure does come at a premium cost.

I personally use Amazon Music Unlimited, this has plenty of solid features, such as its huge library of 50 million songs and synchronised lyrics from one the best platforms on the market. Plus, there’s the perk of discounted prices for Prime members, which make the service particularly desirable for existing Amazon users.

The first 6 months are free for Amazon Music Unlimited Student,  so this is definitely worth taking a look at. The subscription can be cancelled at any time, and you will find out whether this is the online music streaming service for you.

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