Kindle Unlimited is just one of many from the mighty Amazon’s subscriptions services. If you were to subscribe to this service you can expect to gain access to over 1 million eBooks, audio-books and magazines.

If you’re a person who likes to lose yourself in a book on a regular basis, then Amazon Kindle Unlimited may just be for you.

From a number of devices members can consume as much content as they desire from eBooks, magazines and audio-books, from Amazon’s huge virtual library. Though, subscribers tend to purchase Amazon’s popular Kindle to read their content.

This service is the Netflix of the book and magazine world.

If you’re a bookworm like myself then read on. I will cover all what the service has to offer in this Amazon Kindle Unlimited review.

At the moment Amazon are offering a fantastic deal where the first 30-days are FREE when you join. The subscription can be cancelled at any time before the month is over, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out.


What do you get with Kindle Unlimited?


With this subscription you can expect to gain access to over 1 million eBooks, magazines and audio-books.

This includes a massive selection of the current best-sellers, and also from lesser known authors for those who are Book enthusiasts. Amazon Kindle Unlimited has a huge library content, this ensures the service covers all types of readers. Whether you are interested in classics, modern, lesser known authors, here you will find it all.

Below is just an example of their massive selection available to read:


Cancelling the membership

If you decide Amazon Kindle Unlimited is not for you, then you can simply cancel at any time by going to ‘Your Account – Manage Your Kindle Unlimited Membership’.


How much does Amazon Kindle Unlimited cost?

To subscribe to this service, you can expect to pay £7.99 a month. If you just want to try Amazon Kindle Unlimited out, you can do so with the FREE 30-day trial. This way you can see what the service has to offer before parting with your money.


How to use Kindle Unlimited UK

You will need to join Amazon Kindle unlimited, to activate your free 30-day trial.

The interface is an excellent user-friendly platform to use. To search for title just simply select ‘Kindle Store’ from the department drop down menu, you can then search for a specific title, or browse the huge selection available.

If by any chance, you cannot find the title amongst the 1 million eBooks, audio-books or magazines, Amazon will offer you alternative ways to source and purchase the book from elsewhere.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited - Books

A great feature to have with Kindle Unlimited, is that you can use books the same way you would in physical form, by text highlighting.


Can you keep the books on Kindle Unlimited?

The books are not yours to keep. I view this subscription service as a huge virtual library, but without a return date. You borrow the books or magazine, and you can keep up to 10 books in your account at a time. So, for those who like to read multiple books at a time, this is great. Me personally, one is enough.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited - Magazine

If by any chance you do have 10 books or magazines in you account, you can return the ones you no longer require via the ‘Manage my content and devices’ menu.

In this menu you can also sort and arrange you books and magazines.


Amazon Kindle Unlimited supported devices

You don’t need a specific Kindle e-Reader to read the content. Any device that supports books though the Kindle app can enjoy this service.


A huge selection of the titles included on Amazon Kindle Unlimited, also have the audiobook option available. This option is great for people like myself, who listen to audio-books on a regular basis while working. Once the book are downloads, you can then download the audio via the options menu.


Amazon Kindle Unlimited vs Amazon Prime Reading

Amazon has two different options to choose from with subscription reading services. User wise, they are the same user-friendly format. The big different being the available content.

Amazon Prime Reading, offers subscribers a library of around 1 thousand. While it’s big brother, Kindle Unlimited, boasts a huge catalogue of over 1 million books and magazines.

Prime Reading is free with the popular Prime membership, and will get you a few of the big-name titles. This would be great for the occasional reader.

But, for the book enthusiasts out there, the FREE 30-DAY trial for the Kindle Unlimited is worth taking a punt on.


Amazon Kindle Unlimited Review – Final thought

Is Amazon Kindle Unlimited worth the £7.99 subscription? That entirely depends on you and what type of reader you are. If you’re just an occasional reader, then Amazon Prime Reader may the best option for you.

If you’re a bookworm who spends a lot of time with their head in a book, then it’s definitely worth the £7.99 per month. There is huge selection to choose from, and being able to add 10 titles to your account at a time, you will never get bored. The content is constantly updating as well.

Hopefully by reading my Amazon Kindle Unlimited review, you will give the 30-day free trial a try. If it’s not for you, simply cancel before the trial is over.