As I was going through really hard financial times, I kept asking myself two questions “What are the things I should stop buying to save money?” and “How can I save money?”

After looking and analysing my spending habits, I realised I was wasting my budget on items I did not need.

There are so many things we buy all the time that at first glance doesn’t seem like a big deal. Even though these items hardly make an impact on our budgets, over time these things add up. Every single penny counts when it comes to saving money.

I am always looking for tips to save money. Another major shift that happened to me was that I stopped buying things to impress other people.

I started focusing more on the things that I really need instead. We all go through times in our lives when we need more money.

Today I will share with you the things I stopped buying that allowed me to save more money.

Not only did I save money but it also simplified my life.



Not sure what to cut from your budget?

Saving money can be hard at any time, but it is particularly difficult when you’re broke or living payday to payday. If you can barely pay your bills, saving money is probably one of the last things you can afford.

I save A LOT by being mindful and thoughtful about my spending. But I don’t cut off the things I enjoy, living life this way doesn’t mean you have to stay inside all day and can never enjoy life.


Instead, I pay attention to the unnecessary purchases that don’t make me feel happy and cost a lot.

So, here are the things I stopped buying to save money every day!

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Bottled water

We tend to not notice how expensive and how much it adds up when we are constantly buying bottled water.

A lot of us are also brought up believing that tap water is less healthy and more poisonous because of the smell of chlorine but there is a simple solution to changing that.

if you put a jug of water covered in fridge the chlorine taste will disappear, you just need to make sure that you replace it every 24 hours because there wouldn’t be enough chlorine to prevent bacteria growing if you keep it in the fridge for longer without changing it.

I used to love sparkling water and it had to be a particular brand because of the bubbles, it cost £1 per litre plus the average bottle of water is about 80p.

If you drink about 5lts a day on average as a household and each bottle cost 50p that means you will spend £2.50 a day on water. That is £17.50 a week, £70 a month and a whopping £840 a year.


Cut Sky/cable

This year we decided to cut or Sky/cable, by doing this we are saving £50 per month.

I thought getting rid of this would be brutal, and I would miss it, but that’s not the case at all.

Most of the time the TV was just on as background noise, we only actually sit down and watch TV for about two hours daily in the week, and a bit longer at weekends.


You can cut back your package to save money, or get rid of it all together and use a subscription service such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. I have both of these; they are excellent value for money.

You might find this work out to be much cheaper for you.

There is always new TV shows and movies being added and the back catalogue on just these pair are huge. You will always discover something new to watch!

These are just two available, there is also Hulu, Disney+ and much more if you search online.

You are never tied in to a subscription service such as these, they can be cancelled at anytime you like.

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 Branded fizzy drinks

I know fizzy drinks aren’t the healthiest and I’ll admit to drinking more of them than I probably should. However, I don’t drink alcohol anymore, so it’s nice having something I really like to sip on of an evening.

I know plenty of people that will only drink one of the other of the leading brands of fizzy drink, especially cola, but with the introduction of the sugar tax and supermarket offers seeming to be less frequent we found we were paying between £1.50 and £2.00 a bottle.

Giving up fizzy drinks completely would, of course, have been the most frugal thing to do – but we found this ended up making it a sort of forbidden fruit and we’d end up popping to the corner shop and getting some even though the prices were crazy expensive just because we were craving.

So as a money-saving compromise we decided to try and find an alternative that was reasonably palatable. I’ll be honest, nothing does taste quite as good as the branded ones but we have got used the cheaper version and the savings are worth it.

Our favourite is Aldi’s own brand Lemonade and Orangeade. At around 40p a bottle it’s about a 3rd of the price of the real thing.


Pre-packed/ prepped fruit and vegetables

It comes as no surprise that convenience cost more money. supermarkets charge you to cut your products for you. Prime example:  FRUIT; you buy a whole pineapple (800g and peeled yourself) and it will cost you £1, you buy pre-packed chopped pineapple and for the equivalent size you will pay £4 meaning you are being charged £3 for conveniences. This premium expense goes across most pre-packed products.


Solution: Buy food that is fresh and whole and pay yourself the premium and chop it up yourself. This goes for microwave meals and grated cheese as well.

Savings: Using the pineapple theory as an example, if you a super pineapple fan and you buy it twice a week which is equivalent to buying one big one. That is £4 a week, £16 a month, £192 a year

Just to add up the total savings just from the three items above before we continue, we have saved a grand total of £1542/ $2000.

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Stopped buying takeaways

One of my biggest downfalls used to be buying takeaways far more than we really should – often two or three times a week despite the fact I’m a decent cook when I put my mind to it (not sure my partner would agree!). Working long hours meant that I often didn’t feel like cooking when I got home. By the time I’d got home, showered, relaxed a little I just couldn’t be bothered.

Since leaving that job I now cook almost every night. Meal planning for the week has helped considerably with this and we now have a takeaway as a treat only once or twice a month. I’ve also started learning to cook various fakeaways – our favourites are orange chicken and homemade KFC – these really help when we fancy a particular fast food but don’t want to spend lots of money on it.


Impulse items near the checkout

The checkout lane at the grocery store is a danger zone, my friend. The aisles are filled with crap that you don’t need but is oh-so-tempting, am I right?

There are two ways to avoid falling into the impulse buy trap when checking out.

One, commit to developing serious tunnel vision when it’s time to pay. Or two, take advantage of your grocery store’s pick-up service.

Most of the time pick-up is free when you have a minimum dollar amount on your order. Letting someone else shop for you means you don’t have to worry about spending on impulse.

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Gym membership

If you are like many people, you may have signed up for a membership at your local gym during January as the result of a New Year’s resolution. Only to realise by June, you are no longer going to the gym to workout.

Ditch the gym membership if you are not using it fully. This is one of the easiest things to stop buying to save money.


There are many ways you can get in a great workout at your home. You can take a bike ride at the local park, take a walk or hike. Some people say gym memberships are one of the most stupid things to waste money on.


Stop being brand specific

I was seriously guilty of this! I’m not going to lie, I’m still brand specific when it comes to a few products that I really need (items that are really working for me) but for other things, like things that we use frequently, I opt for store brands or basically anything that is on sale or if I have a coupon for it.

I was so surprised by the amount of money that we are saving on our groceries every month by doing this.



Our kids have WAY TOO MANY toys right now. As we adopted our new frugal lifestyle, we opted to stop buying toys. They can use what they already have and get creative instead.

They already have all the basics such as Lego, dolls, cars, trucks, figures and so many more! Again, a more minimalist and simple living to save money.

Top tip:

  •  Have a car-boot sale or sell online the extra toys that your kids have outgrown to save even more money!




Coffee is a must in my household so we have not completely eliminated it from our budget but we have stopped buying expensive coffee from coffeehouses. Instead, we brew our own at home and we stick to cheaper (but still nice!) brands.

This has helped us save tons! Of course, if you can see yourself cutting off coffee completely from your life, by all means, go ahead!


10 things to stop buying to save money – Final thought

Making some simple cuts can really free up a sizable portion of your budget. I am willing to bet a family would save a hell of a lot of money over a year if they put these 10 tips into practice.

What about you? Are you trying to achieve financial freedom? Are you working towards becoming debt free? Is there anything else you’d add to this list? Share with us in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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