Living a frugal lifestyle is something that doesn’t come naturally to most of us. Humans are natural consumers; we see something and we are inclined to want it.

As children, we would beg and plead our parents for a toy, only to play with it for a couple of hours and move on.

So being frugal isn’t in our nature, normally, but we can slowly retrain our brains to be more frugal.

Frugality is a complete lifestyle that is totally focused on just living below your means and prioritising things that make you happy instead of things that will make you look cool.



What is frugality?

In a nutshell, frugality is making smart money decisions. That can be as simple as skipping the Starbucks every day, or as extravagant as selling your house to live debt free in a tiny house you built.

If you’re there thinking that I’m going to tell you that the things frugal people don’t do are going to be painful, unattainable, and just ridiculous, you’re wrong.

Life is hard enough. Saving money shouldn’t be. 

It’s really not impossible. Here is a great place to start living frugally and saving money.


The benefits of frugal living

Check out some of these great benefits to frugal living:

  • save money for financial goals
  • stay out of debt
  • be in control of your finances (instead of letting them control you)
  • put money toward retirement
  • save for your kids’ college fund

Over the past year, I’ve learned a lot of about what it means to be super frugal.  Here are 10 things frugal people never do.


10 things frugal people never do

Skip budgeting

The first and most important step toward being more frugal is to have a plan for every penny with a budget. Frugal people will have a plan for their money and understand exactly what they want their money to do for them.

There are so many people who are in poor financial situations who just need to realise how much a simple budget could do to change the outlook on money.

Even just skipping your budget for a few months can put you back years into your overall financial plan. Budgeting is a holy grail for saving money and being more frugal.

A really good first step toward budgeting is to have a written budget (written as in, on paper) that you can use to organise your money.

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Keep up with the Joneses

How people choose to spend their money is none of my business. It took me some time, but I stopped caring (for the most part) of what others thought of my living space, my purchasing decisions, and my personal life choices.

There was a time that I cared so much of what clothes I wore in fear of being judged. Thinking back, I would always shop before an event or a vacation to avoid appearing to have the same look in pictures.

Shame on me for getting caught up with the endless task of impressing others in the social media world.

Thankfully, that time has passed.

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Impulse buy (just because)

Impulse buys can be budget killers. And frugalists know it.

With so much choice around you it can be very tempting to buy. Something, anything. Just because.

Frugal folk have built up their emotional defences. They keep their financial goals in mind.

They know what they are aiming to do with their money and impulse buying isn’t it.

And they employ tactics to stop impulsive buying.


They will use the 30-day rule. They keep themselves focused on strengthening their money habits.

It is much easier to not buy impulsively if you do not put yourself in the position of being confronted with glorious and lovely things.

I choose not to go into some of the loveliest shops, precisely because they are so lovely. I’m frugal but I’m not made of stone.

And pretty things can be tempting, to even the most frugal of folk.

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Throw away leftovers

Frugal folk don’t just not throw out leftovers, their aim is to never have any food waste.

They make use of all leftovers and you can too. Leftovers make great lunches for the following day.

Alternatively, you can freeze individual leftover portions for another meal – perfect for busy nights!

When you throw out food you are throwing out your own money. You used your precious, hard earned money to buy that food.

Don’t waste it, eat it!

Did you know we waste up to 30% of the food we buy? I find that statistic so shocking!

If your grocery bill is $/£300 a month, you are effectively wasting $/£90 every month through food waste.

Don’t do it!

Top tip:

Supercooks is a website that helps you re-create recipes from leftovers.

Just list out the ingredients and let SuperCooks tell you what to cook! Never again will you have to stare at those leftovers in the fridge and wonder what to do with it.



Ignore their credit score

A really important part of understanding your money is knowing your credit score. Your credit score is something that can affect everything about your finances.

This number controls how much money people are willing to lend you for things like mortgages, and how high the interest rate will be for those loans.

People who are frugal really understand that your credit score is important and they work hard to keep it high so they can have lower interest rates and save money in the long run.


Carry credit card balances

Frugal people do not like to use credit cards as part of their everyday lifestyle. While some have the discipline to pay the cards off every month in full, others choose to stay far away from credit cards.

I think self-awareness plays a big role in a person’s success with credit cards.

If you know that you’re a spender who has been in debt for years, it’s probably a good time to cut up the cards and pay them off once and for all.

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Hang out with losers.

I love the Jim Rohn quote, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

It’s true! At different times in my life, I’ve had to let go of toxic people because I realised, they were not encouraging me to live a better life or to be a better person.


Budget-conscious people are careful who they hang out with. Because for some reason, when you’re frugal and your friends are spenders, they tend to be judgmental and condescending.

That’s why most frugal people hang out with like-minded friends


Buy bottled water

Never mind the impact to the environment of the masses of discarded water bottles.

Frugal folk are not prepared to pay for something they can easily get at home for (basically) free.

If you are a fan of drinking water every day (and why wouldn’t you when it’s great for your health!) then use a reusable water bottle.

It will keep your water much colder than a plastic bottle will.

It’s environmentally friendly and will save you money very quickly with regular use.


Pay for late fees

Bills have to be paid at some point so why delay and pay late fees? Is frugal folk’s way of thinking.

When you don’t have money to splash around the last thing you want to do is spend some of it on late fees because you didn’t get organized.

And even if you do have plenty of spare cash why would you want to waste any of it?

Frugal folk have all their bills automated; insurances, utility bills, mortgage or rent. Even annual payments can be automated.

Tie this in with never having an overdraft and your finances will be in great shape.


They don’t eat out often

Frugal living gurus also know that eating out is a great way to waste their money. Sure, they like to treat themselves and eat out every once in a while, but it’s certainly not a normal occurrence in their lives.

When you can make an equally delicious meal at home for a fraction of the cost of going out to eat, it just makes sense to stay in more often, don’t you think?

This is where meal planning can help you save money – by planning your meals in advance, this way on nights that you’re busy, you can still whip up a quick homemade dinner because you were prepared for it.



10 things frugal people never do – Final thought

I hope that this blog post has taught you that being frugal doesn’t mean you have to entirely deprive yourself of everything you love in life.

It’s about making choices to value things that truly matter to you instead of trying to keep up with the joneses and strangers on the internet.

here are many other things frugal people don’t do, what are some things that you would add to my list?

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