Are you looking for ways to reduce your electricity bill and save money? If you struggling to find an alternative cheaper plan with an electricity consumer, there are actions you can implement to cut costs.

For the majority of people, a combination of lower electricity costs and smart electricity usage leads to lower bill overall.

Electricity bills sometimes turn out to be higher than they should be, causing frustration and the inevitable need to control energy consumption to keep the finances in check.

Fortunately, there are some ways that can help you save at least a few pounds/dollars on your monthly utility bills:

In this short guide I will tell you some tips that will help you save money on your bill.



Turn off electric devices that are not in use

You’ve probably heard this one a few times, but that doesn’t make it less true or helpful. Your television, computer and stereo can be enormous energy vampires when not in use. That little light that stays lit means that these items are still consuming power.

By using a shared power extension lead, for example, it’s easy to turn your television, Android box, Echo Dot and other equipment off with a click of the switch.


If you’re worried about updates to your smart TV or Android box, you can alternatively enable power saving mode when they’re not being used. Go into the settings and change the default to the shortest time before sleep mode takes over to reap the biggest cost savings with these items.


Buy Energy Efficient Rating Appliances

When you see an Energy Efficient Rating on an appliance, it’s not just a gimmick to make you think you’ll save money on electricity, you actually will.

These appliances use less electricity than non-labelled appliances.

Since appliances account for about 20 percent of an average household’s electricity usage, choosing equipment that saves power can really add up to a massive effort to conserve electricity without your having to do anything else.

Energy saving appliance such as washing machines and dishwashers are also designed to help save water, giving you even bigger benefits over the long term. and (for US) have a helpful appliance and electronics calculator to estimate how much energy specific devices use.

Top tip:

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Call your local utility for an energy audit

You may think that you’re already doing so much to conserve electricity that there’s nothing left to do, but you’re wrong. There’s always something that can be improved since no home is 100 percent efficient.

An energy audit is a great way to have a professional look your home over and find even more ways that you can save money on electricity.


By utilising thermal cameras and other specialized equipment, they can determine where your home is leaking air or lacks sufficient insulation and give suggestions for improvement.

Energy audits are a very affordable way to save money on electricity and many local utilities provide this service for little cost.


Turn off Unnecessary Lights:

This might sound like a pretty obvious way to save money on electricity bill but this is exactly where most of us fail. We roam around in the house doing our daily jobs but we simply fail to recognise how easy it is to leave the room without switching off the lights and fans.

We leave things on standby mode thinking that it won’t consume energy but it really does. Make it a habit to switch the lights off while leaving the room and make it sure not to leave appliances like microwave and TV sets on standby mode after using them.



Regular maintenance and servicing of home appliances

I never bothered to get my home appliances serviced on a regular basis until I realised that the outdated and unmaintained appliances were eating up a hell lot of energy.

Old appliances usually eat up more energy than the newer ones which makes it important to replace them after some years.

Regular maintenance and servicing of home appliances might cost you a few extra pounds/dollars but it will go a long way in saving you even more money.


Save Money on bills by adjusting your thermostat

A programmable thermostat can save you tons of money on electricity over the long run. If you don’t have one you really should consider upgrading because this is a good long-term investment.

Programmable thermostats are great because you can set your thermostat and not worry if you forgot to turn the heat off before you left the house for work.

I’m a big fan of adjusting your thermostat when you aren’t home to help save on electricity. By adjusting your thermostat just a couple of degrees up or down you will notice a big difference in your power bill.

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Take advantage of smart meters

Many electricity providers are moving to smart meters, a tool that not only makes it easier for them to take readings but helps you save money also. The regular reports that smart meters create, based on your overall electricity use, can help you figure out what appliances or habits are spiking usage during costly times of the day or increasing your electricity usage overall.


Many electricity providers now offer electricity usage reports to their customers based on their smart meter data.


Switch light bulbs

LED bulbs and CFL use way less energy than the old Incandescent bulbs for the same requirement of light. Replacing your regular tube lights and bulbs with LED and CFL can save you some money without really affecting the lighting quality.



Charge devices in your car

To save more on your electric bill, you want to use less electricity. One easy way to do this is to charge your devices in the car instead of in the house.

Car chargers are inexpensive and it’ll make up its cost in savings.

If your car allows you to plug in USB cords, you can charge other devices in the car too.

I’ve charged multiple devices in the car. Most devices come with a USB charger and can be charged in the car. If you’re unsure about it, I recommend doing a quick Google search “device name, charge in the car”.

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Put Up A Clothesline 

The dryer of your washing machine uses a lot of electricity and is also too harsh on the clothes. The more economical way to solve this issue is to put up a clothesline and hang drying your clothes.

This will not only save you a few pounds/dollars in electricity bill, but exposing clothes to sunlight also keeps them germ-free.


How to cut your electricity bill – Final thought

I hope that you found these tips for saving money on electricity to be helpful. By everyone doing their part to reduce energy waste we can make our world a better place.

There you have it some of my top tips for saving money on electricity. Do you have any creative ways to save money on electricity you think would be helpful to other?

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